Anyone familiar with the Beatson, Glasgow

Hi, I had my surgery a couple of weeks ago at my local hospital and wil see an oncologist or the first time in 2 weeks time . I’ll be having my radiotherapy at the Beatson and although I know I could wait to ask all my questions, hey, what can I say … I’m a planner !!!
So can anyone fill me in on what to expect - I know the Gartnavel site a little but not quite where the Beatson is. Parking has been a nightmare any time I’ve been to Gartnavel so are there any ways round this?? I’m hoping to work through my rads which would be so much easier if I could go first thing in the morning (Beatson is about 20 miles from home but only about 4 miles from work) - how accommodating are they with time slots ? A friend who had her rads in Oxford was offered a new type of treatment which reduced the risk of skin complications and was delighted with it having had previous experience of the old style - is this available in Glasgow?? How long did you have to wait before starting treatment there ?
Anything else anyone can tell me about what to expect would be hugely appreciated .
Ta muchly, Kitt

Hi Kitt,

I atteneded the Beatson in june this year for 20 sessions and they treated me very well.

 I got my appointment schedule  a couple of weeks before treatment.

I reported to the Tom Weldon building ( believe most people go there). and i was fortunate enough to have a local hospice who provided volunteer drivers to take me there and back so no problem with parking.


First appt was for planning which they put you through a scanner and line you up with tiny blue tattoos, this appointment is a little longer than the rest.


 the rest of appointments lasted just a couple of minutes where you are called in and are laid on a couch with your arms raised above your head, the radiologist leaves the room and the xray machines move over you and you hear a buzzing sound, it is over before you blink an eye (lol) and that’s it. Totally painless procedure.


The only thing I would recommend is to moisturise your skin  a couple of times a day with aquaeous cream  as throughout treatment your skin may become like sunburn, if you experience any skin problems they will send you round to nurse who may give you a hydrating gel to help.


You will also have a review during the treatment and this will also take a little longer, really just to ask how you are and give advice on how to care for your skin, another thing I was told from my revieweer was to use SIMPLE soap but not the shower gel.

Hope this info helps and good luck with your treatment.


They are very accomodating with appointments as a few women who was attending same time as me requested times to be changed and they obliged.




Aw, thanks Wyn - so good to hear such positive comments! I really appreciate it and hope you are doing well .

Hi KittKat,


I am doing very well thanks and good luck with your treatment, don’t hesitate to pm me if you want any further info.


Take care

sending ((Hugs))

Wyn x

I attended the beatson in 2011. I asked for appointments after 3pm so that my husband could be in for my son coming in from school. They were fine with this. I also used a volunteer driver service as yes the parking is awful. I don’t think it is far from a train station if that would be any good to you. See Some days you are in and out in minutes and other days there can be delays. I had no ill effects whatsoever. Slight darkening of skin on affected breast. No tiredness or anything. Saying that I wasn’t working through it.