Anyone from Ascot/Windsor area?

I’m 47 and was diagnosed in November 2011. I had 6 months of Chemotherapy followed by Radiotherapy which finished end of August and am now taking Tamoxifen. I’m wondering if anyone’s from the same area and fancies meeting up?

Hi Carrie J
I am in the same area, having my treatment in Windsor. I am 52 years old - currently going through FEC chemo after WLE and will also be on tamoxifen. I would be happy to meet up.

Hi Carrie J
I was diagnosed in Sept 08.WLE,full lymph clearance, 6 x chemo,radiotherapy and now been on Tamoxifen for 3 years…I am 48 and live in Maidenhead:-)
Bethy x

Hi Jayne m and Bethy
good to hear from you both. I had my treatment in Windsor too Jayne m. Fingers crossed that it’s going well for you. It would be great to meet you both. I’ll try and message you - new to this!
Carriej x

That would be great Carriej - I dont know how it works either so hope you can message us. i am lucky enough to have private health insurance through work so am having treatment at the Princess Margaret - had my initial diagnosis and consultation at the Parapet - both have been really good. So far, I have coped well with the chemo and have had minimum side effects, I have my 3rd round next week. I live in Crowthorne by the way.


I have replied to your message too.

Jayne x

Bump - any others in our area?

Hi I live in Windsor too. Dx Nov 2009 started chemo Jan 2010, WLE and ANC Late May 2010, another WLE end of June, abscess PHEW then rads at Mt Vernon Aug-Sept 2010. I had all my other treatments/surgery/scans/chemo at King Edward vii, Heatherwood and my appts at the Parapet. I feel myself fortunate that we have the Parapet. Although I do unravel when I go there.
Jayne hope your 3rd chemo went as well as poss.
So yes would love to meet up J xxx

Me as well.

Hi Ascot/Windosorites

I cant believe how quickly the time has gone, FEC no 4 is this Thursday!! I really would love to meet up but getting a suitable date during treatment is a bit hit and miss!

I am due to finish chemo on 10th January so perhaps we could all meet up towards the end of January?

I hope you are all doing OK and are getting ready for Christmas.

Jayne x

I have got chemo on 9th and 30th Jan, so maybe some time before 30th Jan would be good.


I’m in Ascot and would love to meet up with anyone in the area. I had a lumpectomy at Heatherwood in March 2010, 6 x FEC chemo at King Edward VII then 18 x radiation at Reading.

I don’t drive and would prefer a meetup close to public transport. The Stag in Ascot is nice, quiet at weekday lunchtimes (if it’s not a race day).


Hi not sure where all this got to but would love to meet up with local ladies?
Jacq xx

Hello ladies, hope you are feeling as fine as can be :slight_smile:

There is a meet up in Bracknell in September and I have suggested a meal in Reading in August, details here

Please let me know if you would like to come along.

Fairy Lady