Anyone from Bradford or west yorkshire ?

Thanks trish & Lynn
I have now developed an infection…sigh !!
I came in to get a shower before watching tennis & noticed that my breast was red above the incision. I rang the ward & they said to go up. Luckily for a Sunday, there was one of the breast surgeons there. He said it was infected & gave me penicillin. He gave me double the normal dose. He also said that hopefully it would clear up & I would not lose my implant…WHAT ?? I didnt even know this was a possibility. Lets hope the penicillin works girls as I will be gutted if I have to have my implant removed.
It seems like one thing after another doesnt it?
I am keeping up with the exercises as I want to get back to normal as soon as I can.
hope you are all managing to enjoy the weather
Cath xx

Oh bless you. On the bright side you found it and they have started treatment quite quickly. Make sure you take it easy!

Hi Cath and any other Bradford ladies
Hopefully you will have been given details on the ward, or from your BCN, for our local support group - Bosom Friends. We are a friendly group who meet at 7pm on the 3rd Wed of the month at the Cancer Support Centre and we warmly welcome new members.

Hi cath,

Glad it went well. I too was very sore after my SNB. Took me by suprise as have recovered very quickly after surgery before this. rest up. I’m off of work now whilst having my radiation therapy so if you ever want to catch up - or indeed any Yorkshire belle’s, just drop me a line.

Hi sasha & Deborah
I have heard of bosom friends & was thinking of coming to the next meeting. I do get my results on the 17th though which will be the day of the meeting so it depends what they are & how I feel I suppose.
Deborah, where abouts do you live? Im in Bradford & will be off work a few weeks as Im a fitness instructor so need full range of mobement in my arm before I can go back. It would be good to meet up with you. I would find it good to talk to someone going throught the same xx

Hi Cath,

I’ve sent you a msge.


Hi girls, did Race for Life (in our case walk) in Huddersfield on Sunday with ED and her best friend, had a great day. YD and her best friend did it in Bristol. Some photos on Flickr if you’re interested.

If anyone recognises themselves and wants a copy of the photo, message me with the numbers.

Pat x

Hi all you West Yorkshire ladies, this threads been very quiet for a while. Just thought I"d pop back on to wish everyone Happy Yorkshire Day. Hope you’re all doing okay, not too many worries or SE’s, all the best Pat x

Hello yorkshire ladies,
Don’t know about you but this weather is too hot for me! The hot flushes from letrozole were bad enough without having to suffer thru’ the heat too, sob. I know I shouldn’t moan, but unfortunately, I can’t enjoy it, so moan I shall!
Hope you are all doing ok. Hope your pathology results were good Cath, as you’ve not posted here for a while.
I got another 6 weeks sicknote, yaaaay, so don’t have to go back to work til beginning of Sept. I’m only back a week then go on holiday, so it will be a gentle easing back into that life.
Have booked into The Haven for an intro day. Still not sure that their philosophy is for me, but can do no harm to try, and I need to see if any of their complementary therapies will ease the SE’s from hormone therapy which are blighting my life.
Back to see my breast surgeon next week. I’ve healed now from the reduction mammoplasty, but the scar from my nipple to meet the one underneath has pulled so tight it has distorted my breast. I wanted so much to look relatively back to normal after this op, and I still look strange. Ho hum, will just have to wait and see if anything can be done about it.
Enjoy the weather, if you can.

Hello Carrie. I am also booked into the haven for an introduction day in Sept. maybe I will see you there. I have had a couple of appointments already…had reflexology and found it very relaxing…