Anyone from Bradford or west yorkshire ?

It would be good to speak to or maybe meet up with someone local. I am newly diagnosed & am due to have a mastectomy & SNB on Monday 1st July.
If you want to chat please let me know xx

Hi Cath,
I live half way between Leeds & York and I work in Leeds.
I was diagnosed last year with Invasive Lobular BC, grade 2. 2 areas of cancer 17mm & 7mm. I had a therapeutic mammoplasty/SNB last March at York hospital, followed by 15 sessions of radiotherapy. Thankfully, it hadn’t spread to lymph nodes so I didn’t need chemo.
3 weeks ago I had a reduction mammoplasty on my ‘good’ side to even me up, so I’m currently off work and will be for the next few weeks.
Happy to chat with you.
(Can’t sleep atm which is why I’m posting this at an ungodly hour!)

Hi Cath, I live in Huddersfield. I was diagnosed in Jan this year, mixed lobular and ductal invasive BC 8mm, quadrantectomy (Halifax), SNB no node involvement, 15sessions of rads at Jimmys Leeds (brilliant oncology centre) now on Anastrozole for 5years. Took early retirement from teaching 5 years ago. Happy to chat. Best wishes for the 1st, let us know how you get on, Pat x

Hello all…I also live nearby…I was diagnosed Oct 2012 and also have treatment at York hospital. I have had a bilateral Mx. Would be happy to chat. All the best for Monday Cath…I live about equal distance from York & Leeds and I retired also last October, about a week before my diagnosis. Caroline I am also not a very good sleeper at times. I have an appointment today with the Haven in leeds have any of you been there?

Hello ladies,
I live between Leeds and Bradford. Happy to meet up some time.


Hello Yorkshire ladies,
Lynnq - I’d be interested to know how you got on at The Haven. I’ve read about it, but couldn’t decide if it was for me, so it would be good to get some first hand experience.
Hello to everyone else. I don’t often visit this forum anymore. I did when I was first diagnosed, and was immensley grateful for the support, but to be honest, the way I deal with BC is almost to pretend it never happened. This seems to work ok for me -for now anyway - but every now and then I feel the need to ‘dip in’ to the forums. I guess it’s because that no matter how much my family & friends are there for me, no-one else really understands what I’m feeling more than the others who have experienced it too. Pretty shitty club to be part of though!
Happy to meet up sometime too.

Hi again…the Haven was good I think. Had an initial interview with a very nice lady. She asked for my history and then suggested some treatments which are all free but limited to a certain number. They had loads available so could tailor them to individuals. Not at all pushy and said if I decided that anything wasn’t for me just tell them. I rang them initially and they sent me some info through the post and made me an initial appointment so you have the chance to read about it before you go. I have secondaries, but am responding well to treatment. (Can’t cure but can treat). So the extra support is welcome…my family and one friend in particular are brilliant, but hate them to worry, also I think that people can only really understand when it has happened too them…they also offer support to families if wanted…

Hi Cath,

I’m 41 and live in Leeds. I’ve had surgery and started chemo 2 weeks ago. I’m having chemo at Spires and then move to Jimmys for radiotherapy and herceptin. I live just off the A58 so not far from Bradford. Happy to chat or meet up and hope everything goes well on Monday.

Hi ChelleB15, I had rads at Jimmys in March/April, the whole oncology centre is fantastic and the radiography dept is brilliant. The staff are so friendly, chatty and caring and you get loads of info/ advice re skin care and SEs. I had my appointments just after 9 am but used to arrive not long after 8am and was usually done and dusted by 8.45 (live in Huddersfield so set off from home at 7 as you never know how long it’s going to take to get there) which meant I’d got the rest of the day free. Used to see the same people waiting each day so nice friendly atmosphere. Big bonus - Free Parking - just show your appointments sheet to the attendant as you leave. All the best for the rest of your treatment and just ask if you want any more info re rads. Pat x

wow great response ladies, so theres quite a few of us living near each other.
I have DCIS with microinvasions. It is a 6cm mass which is why I need a MX. I am having a SNB as well & immediate reconstruction with strattice mesh & implant.
My op will be done at the BRI. Its all starting to feel very real now its getting closer. Its not the op itself that scares me, Im scared it will be in the lymph nodes, Im scared of what my breast will look like & about how I will feel about how I look.
Not long to wait now I suppose.
Take care everyone
Hugs Cath xx

All the best for Monday Cath…can relate to all of your concerns, remember that you are in the hands of experts. after the op is over and you have recovered physically you will find your ‘new normal’. So many people mentioned this ‘new normal’. And it does happen. For some of us I think the greatest problem can bo our imaginations. After Monday take care and put yourself first for a while. Xxx

Best wishes for Monday Cath, take it easy after your op, accept as much help is as offered from family and friends, the best will arrive bearing meals/cake/wine and offer to do the vacuuming/shopping! Small steps, one at a time are the order of the day. Do keep us posted as to how you are doing, we’ll be here to support you. Pat x

Hope all goes well for you on Monday, Cath. Will be thinking of you. As Trish says, you need to concentrate on recovering, so let everyone else run around and pamper you. I’ve just had that for the last 4 weeks after my reduction surgery, and it’s been wonderful. Please don’t worry too much about how you will look - it will be different for sure, but all you’ve got to say to yourself is that the cancer has gone - for good. My topless modelling career is over, for sure! Perhaps when you’re feeling up to it, we can arrange a get together for this group?

Hi Cath. I am in Bradford and had my surgery in BRI Ward 25 in Aug and Sept 2010 for DCIS. I had lumpectomy first but it was not sucessful so I had mx - in fact I had the same op as you and I suspect the same surgeon, who is wonderful. You are in good hands. I am delighted with the outcome.
Please feel free contact me if you have any questions I can help you with. And good luck for Monday.
Stella xxx

Thanks girls, I have lots of offers of help so am going to take them up & rest. I am a fitness instructor & personal trainer so may need to be off work a few weeks.
I would love to arrange a meet up for this group once Im feeling better. It would be so good to meet others who understand how it feels.
I will keep you posted of how Im doing. Thanks for the kind words.
Hugs to all Cath xx

Dear Cath,
good luck. I hope it goes well and stay in touch so that well deserved catch up over cream tea happens. x

Hi Cath

just back from a week away and wondering how you are. Hope that the op went okay and that you are feeling okay. Take care!

Hi girls, wellI’m back home now & recuperating in the sunshine :slight_smile:
The surgeon didnt do what he was originally going to do though. I already have breast implants & I was originally going to have a mastectomy with immediare reconstruction with strattice & implant ( my original one removed & to be replaced to match my other side). When he removed the nipple & breast tissue he said my muscle was so strong that I didnt need the strattice ( must be my job as a fitness instructor). So, he just left my own implant in for now. This means less healing for now in case I do need further treatment.
He will do a further reconstruction on both sides later to make them symetrical.
I was dissapointed at first as I am now lopsided & didnt expect to be. I know it will look good in the end though. Its just that I get married in November & I really wanted to be ok for that, but now it depends on timing for the reconstruction. We may move the wedding to next year.
I am still sore, especially under my arm from the SNB. I have been so tired as well, I cant actually beleive how tired I have been to be honest. I am about to go sit in the sun & chill out & watch my OH doing the garden .
I get my results on 17th July so fingers crossed till then.
Hope you are all ok & enjoying the gorgeous weather,
Cath xx

Hi Cath, glad to know you’re back home. I found my SNB wound was far more painfull than my WLE wound. Take it easy and remember to do your exercises, they really are important. It’s great to see you have such a positive attitude. Take care Pat xx

glad to hear that you are home and feeling okay. Enjoy the weather in the garden for the next few days…I will be out there after watching Andy win (Hopefully). As Trish says the exercises are important so keep doing them!. Take care