Anyone from the Chatteris or Cambridge area for coffee & cha

Hi to you all,
My name is Lance and was wondering if any people would be interested in meeting up for a coffee(tea)and a chat,this would be nice daytime and on a nice day.
It could also offer support to other’s feeling lonely as i have in the past and still do now and then.
Last year i was on the B/C fashion show and met some wonderful people,other models mainly ladies and we just had a reunion in London for a w/end.The point that i’m trying to make is that it was so nice to meet up and talk about all sorts of issues,and because we all have something in common we shed a few tears with no embarrasment.Some of us are recent in diagnosis and others are futher in theres,but we are all supportive to eachother.

Please do get in touch if interested,you can send private messages to profiles if you wish,

take care,