Anyone from the Wirral?

I’m just wondering if anyone has had experience if the clatterbridge breast clinic? I am waiting for my appointment there and would like to know what it’s like. X

I am on the Wirral live in Moreton. Can give you rave reports about the BC at Clatterbridge as this is my second time!!! and they have been absolutely fab both times.
You will be seen by consultant who will then send you for mammo and US. If you need biopsies they will be done there and then and then you will see consultant again before you leave who hopefully will give you an idea of what they suspect.
Everyone there who I have dealt with has been lovely
Feel free to private message me if you want to would be happy to give you more details.

Jill xxx

Thank tolliebelle. And thank you for answering on the other post too. I have heard the centre has had a revamp and it’s all state of the art now! Quite nervous but think I have decided to just go with the flow and what will be will be. I’ve been such a mess for the last 2 weeks but woke up today and thought yeah I could be cancer BUT It might not be! I do now have a swollen node under my arm but I’m not going to stress about that either. Feeling quite calm today :slight_smile:
I’m so sorry this is your second time. It must be quite alot to take in? I will PM you if that’s ok? Xx

Hi yes that’s absolutely fine please ask anything you need to know.
I do think that not stressing is the way to go as well otherwise you will drive yourself mad!! I tried not to think about it until the actual day of each appointment and then felt sick each time LOL.
Will wait for your pm absolutely any questions you have I will do my best to answer for you

Jill xxx

Hello there Ladies
I was dx in April 2010 so have experience of Clatterbridge.
I had an mx in May 2010 and then attended oncology for 6 months when I had chemo.
I have since had a delayed reconstruction but had that over in Whiston.
The new centre at Clatterbridge is a huge improvement on the old Elm House, the mammogram area is superb now. All the breast specialist nurses a invauluable in their advice and support, I don’t know how I would have got through those first dark days without my nurse Jocelyn. Oncology also had had a revamp, I’m there for an outpatients appointment tomorrow so will be keen to see the progress there.
You are in wonderful hands at Clatterbridge and the more down the route you go the less the fear of cancer.
Please feel free to ask anything at all.
Good Luck

Hi Jude thank you for responding. I havnt received my appointment date yet but was wondering if they have the fast track service where you out results the same day? Also what test will they perform? Will I have triple test thing? Mammo, US and biopsy? Trying to prepare myself for everything but I’m so in the dark I have no idea what to expect.

As I said above they will do all tests required on the day but you wont get your results for a week. They MAY however give you an indication.
When I was first diagnosed 2 years ago you got results same day but they have changed the way they do things now

Hi Sinfully D

I did find out the same day. I went for mamogram after I’d discovered the lump, I was given an appoint within 2 weeks of going to my GP.
On the day I was diagnosed I had mammogram, after this I had an ultrasound and this confirmed I had 2 separate lumps, so then I had a biopsy. The results of the biopsy were given a week later but the consultant told me very abruptly that I had 2 breast cancers and I would need an immediate mastectomy.
I was in Elm House from 9-2pm, but the last few hours were spent with my breast nurse who was so practical.
That was the worst day of my cancer episode I can honestly say once I’d been given the diagnosis and got over the shock, I coped with the next stages alot better.
I would advise you to take someone with you, I didn’t as I hadn’t even told anyone not even my hubby that I supsected I had a lump so the shock for him was immense.
Don’t hesitate to ask anything at all that you can think of which might help you.



I like Jude was told that it was cancer the first time in 2011 but they have changed the way they do it now. They used to have people at Elm House who would do tests on FNA that would tell if lumps were cancerous but they don’t have them there anymore as some days they had nothing to do and so they now send the biopsies to the lab at Arrowe Park to be tested.
When I went in May for second lump they didn’t do mammo as I had a clear one in Jan so had US and core biopsies. As said the radiographer will report to BS on what she thinks it may be although in my case she was " on the fence " she also told me this. I did then have a marker put in and a mammo to see if it had been missed in Jan Then went back to see consultant. It was a week later when I went back that I was told it was cancer again. So if they are pretty sure it is cancerous they will tell you but you still have to wait a week for results proper.
I was there for about 3 hours, but when I went in 2011 I was there from 9 till about 3 as after being told they wanted to do more tests and the surgeon also went through what op etc I would be having and was given a date for surgery there and then.
I would take someone with you as it can be a long appt
Jill xx

Hi I am from the WIrral and my daughter starts her chemo next tuesday, She has moderate learning difficulties, so I have had to try and learn all I can to help her understand. I am having problems though finding somewhere where we can get head gear for when she loses her hair (something she is scared about, but is now resigned to losing it)
I have nothing butpraise for the oncology unit at Clatterbridge, they have all been wonderful with my daughter

Thank you for all your input ladies. I have had my appointment date through today and its booked for the 8th July at 3pm. So another 2 weeks to wait. I’m going to ring up tomorrow and ask to be put on a cancellation list so that if someone cancels maybe I can be seen earlier. I won’t be able to take anyone with me unfortunately. My hubby will have to look after the kids as we don’t have any family nearby. I guess I will just take a good book lol


Clatterbridge have a Headstrong clinic? Not sure if that is right word but they have volunteers who come in and show you how to put the scarves on and they sell them cheaper than the shops. Ask when you go on Tuesday they can book you an appointment.
They are lovely and really helpful


Hi Camac

Try also : this is online facility set up by people who suffered hair loss through chemo, they’ve designed really nice hats designed to cover the areas of your head which alot of standard hats don’t so it’s not obvious you’ve lost your hair.
They do a great range of caps, hats, scarves and bandanas - just something a bit different.
Like Jill I went to the Headstrong Ladies who were lovely, but as I have a very small head didn’t feel alot of the scarves suited me so I went for the hat option.


Hi Jill
Hope you don’t mind I’ve private messaged you.

Hi ladies, just to let you know I have my appointment at clatter bridge tomorrow at 3pm. Very nervous about what I will be told but am prepared for the worst. Unfortunately I will be going alone as my hubby will be at home with kids and we don’t have any family here. I will take a book just incase there is a lot of waiting around. I’m quite a practical person so even if answer told its cancer tomorrow I think I will be ok and will be able to take it all in. I will update you all tomorrow x