Anyone got biopsies/surgery next week.

I’m having a surgical biopsy with wire localisation next week under general anesthetic, I’ve lost all my waiting buddies from December as they have all had their biopsies and been given the all clear.

Just wondering if there is anyone out there currently waiting and wanting company??

Hi Helena,

We’ve spoken before, thanks for replying. I’m getting a bit nervous now about the op and general anesthetic but I’m not focusing on the results yet… one thing at a time.

I have to be at the hospital at 8am wed morning.

Hope you are OK, you are all an inspiration here… Thanks.


Hi East side

I’ve got my front zip up sports bra recommend by you in Dec!! I’m in for 8am so I assume the wire will be done soon after. I’ve got a friend taking me and staying with me and another arriving around 1pm. Hubby will pop in depending on his work.

Is there anything else you think I should take? Dressing gown for eg, cosy socks etc? I forgot to ask the nurse when the phone call finally came!! She said all being well I should go home in the afternoon /evening.

How are you doing now after your op?

There were loads of us waiting in December and now no one seems to be around (good in obvious aspects!) Yes I know the wait for results will be another challenge… Always waiting!!
Thanks for being in touch. I appreciate it.

Hi Poppyfields

I couldn’t find my post from Dec. I didn’t take any additional stuff - once I had finally been settled in and saw my surgeon and anaesthetist, whilst wearing my own outdoor clothes … - I got into the gown, wonderful compression tights – and was on my way. I was sent home between localisation and op as there were no beds available … that was not comfortable - being driven home with two wires in place! Thank you so much for asking about me - I am back to normal - but struggling with bra sizing. I have a few pains and quite lumpy which I am now monitoring. Outside scar has healed really well. Any questions pls come back to me.



Just sending you a hug and best wishes for tomorrow xxxx

Hi Poppyfields


I’m still waiting too! I had my surgical biopsy two weeks ago today. I had an appointment for last Friday but they postponed it until this Friday as my results weren’t back. The consultant said she’d ring if my results came back before my appointment this week if it was good news. I wish she hadn’t said that as now I’m waiting for the phone to ring.


I hope it all goes well for you tomorrow, I found the op ok but then mine was only under a local and I didn’t need the wire.


Best of luck


Celene x

Hi Poppyfields

Thinking of you today …


Hi all, Surgery went well on Wed.
Allocated my bed by 08:30 and taken down to radiology for 2 wire localisations done via digital mammogram and the other via ultrasound completed by mid morning with radiologist and then wheeled straight up to operating theatre floor to be prepared for surgery.

Discussions between the radiologist & surgeon prior to going into theatre resulted in the surgeon telling me he had decided to take a larger tissue area than he originally thought and after surgery he told my husband and friend he had to remove even more so i ended up with a quadrantectomy.

Was back on the surgical ward by about 3ish from recovery. Slick processes, excellent organisation, medical staff &porters. (Spanish NHS hospital.)Very impressed.

Im strapped up like a mummy!!! Which is very supportive. i have a drain and have to go to Drs every 2 days and hospital revision on Monday. Before i went into theatre the surgeon said 3-4 weeks for pathology results. Glad its out of the way and can get on with recovery. Wasnt expecting the bandaging or drain but i guess it was a bigger op than originally expected.


Feeling quite weak and was abit emotional this morning.



Thanks for your best wishes and good luck Celbelle. Let us know.



Great to hear from you and that it is over - sounds like a bigger op than planned but pleased you are recovering as well can be expected. Totally natural to be emotional as you have been on a rollercoaster. Hope you get some well deserved rest - sending you my best wishes.


So glad wound is looking infection clean. Each day you will be stronger - keep up the arm exercises. Hope all goes ok on Monday – sending positive thoughts


General movement once you are feeling up to it and your medical team give you go ahead - so you can start to raise your arm and importantly keep your neck supple. With the stress and awkward sitting/sleeping your traps get quite knotted - so posture etc is really important - I believe there is a link on the main page of breast cancer care website that explains different movements - but only when you are ok to do it. Hope that helps.

OK. Thanks alot. I’ve found the link .

Drain and bandaging removed today at hospital check up. No sign of infection and looking good so far. I’m sleeping well and not much pain now. Got my sports bra on now and much more comfy!! I’m in good spirits actually, I feel I’m being very well looked after and better out than in!!

Check up at hospital again next Monday.

Will let you know when results are in.

Hi. I just picked up my phone to vent and seen your msg!!
Ahhhhhhhhhhh… I am sooooo on fed up with waiting!!! It’s going to be 2 - 3 more weeks until results are in unless by the off chance they are able to tell me anything on Monday at the checkup.

I’m seeing (and chatting to) people here the last few days either disappearing cos they get the all clear, newly diagnosed and waiting treatment plans or under going treatment. I feel like I’m in no man’s land and 2 - 3 weeks more seems an eternity to wait!!! I feel right now (today) that I can’t do it… I just want to know either way and get on with it.

Tmw is another day and maybe I’ll feel better about it, then just Sunday to get through and then outside chance some sort of news on Monday though I doubt it… Vent over!

Any way, Helena and S, how are you both? You are looking after us. Who is looking after you both?


Thank you both for your support. Just having a bad day I think. I will try and get out this weekend for a wander and some fresh air. I do normally walk the dog daily but haven’t since the surgery. I’ve been suffering a bit since the op with a flare of other things I have, an inflammatory bowel disease being one of them. I’ve been very fatigued and weak but hopefully it will lift abit in the next few days.

Before going into surgery the surgeon told me results would be 3 - 4 weeks and so I guess that’s how long it takes here (I’m in a remote corner of spain. ) Last year for my biopsy results I waited a month as well over Xmas that time getting them on 4th Jan 2016. I thought it would be quicker this time as no Xmas hols in the way but he said that’s how long it would take, maybe they don’t release any preliminary results like they appear to in uk and wait for all the information… I don’t know, I’m guessing, but on Monday I will ask for an eta (unless ofcourse they surprise me and already have some news.) It just seems such a long time which I did say to him!!

I saw my GP early this am and she said I need to take it extra easy which is what I am doing.

Thank you so much and I don’t feel alone!! Hopefully the weather will change back to sunny and stable here soon, it’s very changeable this werk, overcast, wet and humid which always flares up my many inflammatory conditions!! We get very severe and sudden weather changes in this part of Spain and its the sudden changes that seem to get me every time!! I am actually moving back to England this year for our youngest son to go to college. Eldest has already been there since Sept living with his grandfather.

Well, thanks for listening, I feel a little better now!!


I can see from your posts that you have had surgery this week. I hope the recovery isn’t too bad.
I’m in surgery on Monday to have a lumpectomy, 2 sentinel nodes removed and a partial reconstruction. I’ve been told to expect to be in a least one night, maybe 2. But reading posts on these forums that doesn’t seem the usual?!
I was last in for surgery on 9th Jan.
PF you seem to wait a long time for your results? I was told to wait up to 2 weeks.
Reading posts on here does make me feel more positive, even though I don’t post on here that often.
Take care everyone xx

Hi S and Helena, thanks for your support, I am feeling both mentally and physically stronger today and have had some fresh air in the warm sun!!

Ang14 , I’m in Spain so different processes here and always a longer wait for results. But you never know they may be able to tell me something at my check up tmw morning but I’m not counting on as it will only have been 12 days since the op. I’ve read other posts where ladies with re construction have stayed in hospital a few days. Hope all goes well for you, that you don’t have to stay in too long and you have a speedy recovery. Stay in touch. Xx

Nina, thinking of you. Big hug. Xx

Best wishes to all. Xx

PF good luck tomorrow. Really hope you get the results. I’ve only been on this rollercoaster for a couple of months and already I know that waiting for results is definitely the worse part! xx

Yes, waiting is tough. This is my 2nd year running of this “waiting game” and I’m bored now of it!!

My check up at the hospital was OK today. They are happy with my wound and all lookingvery good. They said I can now get it wet and can’t wait to have a nice long shower!

Unfortunately my results aren’t in yet but the consultant has booked me to see my surgeon on Thurs 16th and she said the results should be available by then. So at least I have a date now.

I hope you are getting on OK today. Let us know when you are able.
Best wishes.

I am waiting for biopsy results going tomorrow the waiting is almost unbearable how does everyone cope