Anyone had a bilat breast reduction paid for by private health insurance following WLE?

Hi Everyone

Just wondering if anyone has had a bilaterial breast reduction paid for by private health insurance? I had a WLE and Total Axillary Clearance in December 06 and there is very little difference in my breasts now (I can notice just a small difference in size, but doesn’t affect my clothes or anything).

However, I have large breasts 38GG and before I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was planning to have a breast reduction after finishing breastfeeding my 2nd child. But, then I was diagnosed etc.

So, now my main treatment is over, I still want a breast reduction more than anything in the world. But my surgeon said that he has never known an insurance company pay for this.

Is it something that I could get on the NHS do you think?

Any advice ladies?



I have private medical insurance at work and although they would have covered me for cosmetic reduction/enlargement if it was following masectomy etc they would have paid … but if it was simply cosmetic they woudn’t.

I do know a girl who had breast reduction on the NHS years back - she was huge and it was causing back problems, but even at that she had to go through the mill to get it.

Good luck.