Anyone had a nuclear medicine bone scan

Hi Everyone

I was diagnosed in Oct 07 with invasive left breast cancer Stage 1 - 14mm. hormone receptor positive. Had lumpectomy Nov 07 - radiotherapy Feb/Mar 08 and on Arimidex.

I had a nuclear medicine bone scan last Friday and an appt with breast surgeon yesterday. I should have had the scan in March but cancelled because having seen the scanner, I just couldn’t face it (claustrophobic). The surgeon wasn’t concerned about this because it was more or less suggested as a precaution because I was complaining of left lower back pain (which I had long before this diagnosis) and to put my mind at rest.
Since then I have had pain in my upper arms and lower right back, now disappeared. The right arm pain disappeared some weeks ago, and then from the left arm, but transferred to my left shoulder, which I could only describe as feeling as if it were dislocated, it was so painful. This has improved a lot though is still there.
I wasn’t expecting to hear anything untoward in the result but the scan shows my back to be just wear and tear, but a ‘hot spot’ in the left upper arm (not the shoulder), which they wanted to look at further. I had a plain x-ray of the arm yesterday. I would prefer to have the result from the surgeon but have to wait until my next appt in two weeks as he is not in clinic next week. I have been told that the ‘hot spot’ could be as a result of arthritis. inflammation, trauma, or the dreaded C.
I am very worried and would be most grateful to hear from anyone who has had or is having a similar experience because I don’t know how to cope for the following two weeks. I haven’t told my children (grown up) because there is no point in worrying them at this stage

With many many thanks for any information.

Love Deex

Hi Dee, reply posted on other bone scan forum above, Love Val XX


Had a nuclear medicine bone scan 2 weeks ago

nothing to worry about at all.

Hi Dee, I don’t know what happened to the lost “post” I sent you but have found your original message here. I am just about to send you a PM. Love V

Hi Dee

Hope you are ok today. I had a bone scan 5 weeks ago as have hip pain for a couple of months. It has shown up a mass they cant dismiss. Nothing showed up on the x ray but am awaiting CT scan to confirm or deny mets or hopefully degeneration. Really anxious at the moment. I think I had a normal bone scan.

The waiting and worrying is just awful isnt it.

Judy x

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Hi Dee, I know how you feel - I just went through the bone scan test last week in Watford when i found out I had breast cancer. I was very scared it had spread to my bones and other organs. I did have aches in my bones but thankfully nothing showed up as abnormal in the bones. Stay positive though I know it’s hard to as you just think the worst, I think our body’s are programmed to do that naturally. I had to wait 1 week (last week only) for my resuts and in that week I tried to take my mind off it by getting out there, seeing my friends, family, doing my hobbies and generally filling the day with activity so I could ensure I got to sleep without worrying about what if. Keep strong, positive and think healthy. Look after yourself and try some exercise to get your positive thinking thoughts up. Let the experts treat you and trust them. You got through your breats cancer you will get through this xx Jackie

Worried to death!!! But I do know that so are all or most on this site and believe me my heart goes out to you all.

I wondered if anyone knows what percentage in 100 abnormalities (hot spot) revealed on a nuclear bone scan are found to be ‘innocent’ and what percentage to be ‘bad news’.

I have stupidly researched today and from what I have read, it seems likely that my result on Wednesday next may be positive. I have deuced this from the fact that my left breast was treated in 2007 and the ache is in my left arm, where the hot spot is showing. I am just trying to hang on until Wdnesday. I would be most grateful for anyone’s experiences in this direction.

Love Dee

I have invasive multi focal grade 3, Got diagnosed iin March, I have had chemo since and plan a double mastectomy, i also had a shoulder and arm ache in my affected side… it worried me terribly.I had a bone scan also and it came back as nothing please try not to worry.
Good luck

Hi Dee, thinking of you today and keeping everything crossed. I just had my results from my bone scan yesterday and I know what an awful time it is waiting. Hope the news is good for you today.
Sue x