Anyone had a tatoo

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading my post. I’m new here so I hope I’ve found the right place to ask this. I wondered if anyone on here has had a tatoo on their affected side. I had chemo, radiotherapy and then a right side mastectomy with no reconstruction. I’m coming up to 5 years clear this year and I would love to mark this with a symbol of everything I’ve been through.I love the Macmillan advert on tv with the lady who looks so happy with a tatoo on her chest. I had my yearly chat with Oncologists nurse the other day and mentioned to her I was thinking of getting one. She didn’t say not to as she has seen many. My worry is that if you’re told not to give blood or have blood pressure taken from your affected side (I have had some lymph nodes out but not all) how come I can have a tatoo. Is it because the tattooists needle doesn’t go through all the layers of your skin? If anyone is on here and has had one I’d love to know how it went. 
Thanks x

@kazza5yrs  hi, just jumping in to follow along as you’ve asked a great question and I’m really interested in knowing others experiences! Hope your well x