Anyone had a yellow furry tongue?

No wonder I feel so awful just stuck my tongue out and it is yellow and furry just had 4th round of Tac. Had awful stomach upset which is still ongoing can’t seem to keep anything inside. I am managing to force liquids inside me to avoid a hospitalistion spell! Am seeing the oncologist today thank goodness hope fully he will either tell me I have had a bug or it is accumultaive effect of chemo. I have not been too bad for thew first three so this round has really been distressing! I am fairly sure I have had a temperature 2 evening running when I found the feverscan in the medical cabinet it wouldn’d work had it when the children were living at home! So top of the shopping list new themometer! We were not told we would need one of these! Living in Cyprus does present some major hurdles sometimes! 

Hi Rosie - it’s jackie from the April thread! I read you’ve seen the onc today - did he say what the tongue was? I thought oral thrush, as I read that some ladies suffer from that. Re thermometer, I was given one with my “induction pack”. I was told to take my temp regularly throughout the day and to ring the unit if it goes above 37.5. Think that’s pretty standard across the UK really. Hope you’re feeling a lot better today x x

Hi Rosie,dont know about the tongue but it is very important that you contact hospital should your temp go above 37.5 or below 36. It is drummed into us over here and i myself went into hos with high temp and had i not done i would have been very ill.Def go out and get that themometer,just a simple one that goes in your mouth the best. We bought an ear one thinking that would be better but hospital told me they are not as reliable…so dont spend to much money x