Anyone had any babies after treatment for breast cancer?

Hi to everyone.

Having just finished my chemo for breast cancer, starting radio in 3 weeks - I was pondering my brighter future and wondering how many women using this site had had any lovely babies after breast cancer. I am 26 so lots of time ahead but with an earlier menopause to consider - any advice?

My husband and I have 10 embryo’s (fertilised eggs) in store in case as a back up plan too…

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Hi Kate, I’m about six months ahead of you as finished rads in Feb. I also think about the future, I was 33 when diagnosed last year and had been off the pill for a couple of months, thank god I didn’t get pregnant then as I wouldn’t have liked to make that decision! Anyway, for various reasons I didn’t have eggs harvested and decided “what will be will be”. I did get quite upset when my periods stopped during chemo and I got the hot flushes but they started again about 3 months ago and are only now becoming regular, so fingers crossed for the future.

I asked my onc and he said that he would recommend at least 2 years post treatment before trying but I do know of one lady who has had two girls post treatment so there is hope, especially as you have embryo’s, I am also sure that there are other ladies on this site who know of some.

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Hi foxykate

You may find the BCC fact sheet on fertility issues useful to read as it has a section on pregnancy after breast cancer. It can be found by going to the following link:-

I hope you find it helpful.

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Thanks to M and Sam,

All the info is useful so glad I started a discussion. I too have been advised to wait for 2 years following treatment, but that’s fine by me. Would hate to get pregnant & have to make difficult decisions!

M - did you have Zolodex implant? I have had that and it might have helped me preserve my ovaries a bit so will wait and see. So can hope for a period in 3 months time then? Have predicted it on our 1st wedding anniversary in 4 months time so will wait and see!

Thanks for the input

Kate x x x