Anyone had Cellulitis in their breast?

After just 2 RADS my breast started to go very red, hot and swell. It got worse and sore.
Yesterday ( after my 6th RADS ) I saw the oncologist who said I have Cellulitis and has prescribed 2 different antibiotcs.

Just something else!!! My breast is swollen and can’t wear any bra’s but as it feels heavy I have put a bikini top on this morning, just for a bit of support!!!

O’h well only another 9 sessions to go and hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon. :slight_smile:

had it in my eye once, very painful, but the antibiotics kicked in within 24 hours, so hopefully you will feel better soon

I didn’t it in my breast, but had it round my PICC line entry point during chemo, came up overnight. The antibiotics they gave me kicked it into touch pretty quick, so fingers crossed for you.

I couldn’t wear a bra in the later part of rads, I had 25 + 8. I have a couple of ‘secret support’ vest tops which I found useful.

Yes, I had it in my breast and side just after my first chemo. The whole area was so red, hot and swollen and terribly sore. I also had a very high temp and came within a whisker of being admitted to the ward. I was put on huge doses of anti-bees but it took a few days to start to go down and a few weeks to settle properly.

Do keep an eye on it as it’s a skin infection and is potentially very dangerous. It can lead to septicaemia if you have a compromised immune system so if it doesn’t improve soon make sure you go back for some stronger meds.

My onc gave me some more anti-bees to keep in case it came back so that I could self-medicate immediately but luckily it hasn’t reared its ugly head again.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. I wore a bra throughtout the cellulitis, even at night, as I have large breasts (even after a WLE/ANC) and any movement of the infected one was sooooo painful.

Jane xxx