Hi all

I’m doing 6 x FEC and chemo 2 and 3 were delayed by a week due to low neutrophils (even though I was having 5 filgrastrim). I had blood test on Friday and neutrophils were 0.96. I then had bloodtest today and they’ve risen to 1.29 and they’ve  decided to go ahead with chemo tomorrow. I can’t find any information anywhere about anyone going ahead under 1.5 so I’m now really panicking. 

Has anyone else had chemo when their neutrophils were under 1.5?


Thank you xxx



You have to put your trust in your team! I was only able to have 4 out of my 6 chemo infusions  due to low blood count however I was also on Herceptin so they said that was fine. Had I been triple negative they would have continued with the chemo. They would have likely lowered the dose or left me a few days longer in between.

Hi Angelblue,


I’m triple negative and have just finished my course of 16 chemo sessions. My neutrophils struggled to stay above 1 several times and rarely went above 1.5 throughout the latter part of my treatment. However, my team were happy to go ahead with chemo as long as my neutrophils were at 1 or above, as happened several times. I didn’t experience any worse side effects as a result and was just relieved that there weren’t too many delays. For my last two cycles of EC I had to self-inject medication to boost my neutrophils in advance of the next treatment (I initially made a bit of a fuss about having to inject myself, but soon realised that it’s not that bad :smileywink:).


I hope my experience helps to reassure you a bit and I wish you lots of strength to get through chemo.:heart:


Gaby x