Anyone had diagnosis of secondary breast cancer whilst still on Herceptin?

I have 2 Herceptin injections to go (chemo ended in Feb, radiotherapy in March). I’m also taking Anastrozole. I’m 53.

I had covid in April and since about May I’ve had extreme breathlessness and a cough. Investigated for long covid - I am asthmatic so well known to my asthma clinic. Long covid clinic can’t say that it’s definitely long covid, everyone is still discovering how it’s affecting people, but they seemed pretty sure. Chest x ray was clear. The only thing that helps my breathing is prednisone- I’ve had two courses since September. I spend most of my life gasping for breath.

Im back teaching fulltime and enjoying being back at work but the constant breathing issues are annoying and frustrating.

I saw my consultant on Friday for a check up and she picked up on my laboured breathing straight away. She’s sending me for a CT scan.  Of course my mind goes to the worst case scenario. I know there’s no use worrying about it, as the outcome will still be the same whether I worry or not. 

At this point in my treatment, my thoughts are that I’ve beaten this cancer sh*t, not that it’s possibly back - but who ever thinks it’s going to come back.


Forgot to say, I did suffer with some mild breathlessness during chemo, but nothing like this.