anyone had double mastectomy + immediate recon??????

Hi there all,

I was hoping someone may have some experience of the above- or considered it?

I have recently been told I must have a mastectomy on my right side following diagnosis of DCIS.I am awaiting genetic testing and have an appointment for this in three weeks time. I’ve been told that I will probably get the results of this test several months after that.

Initially I wanted to have a dobule mastectomy and imm recon regardless of what the genetic test reveals. I am a real worrier and will always worry about my ‘good’ breast anyway. However when I discussed this with the doctor who works for the consulant she said this operation is rarely done as it is such a big one. Although she didn’t say I can’t have it done she didn’t seem too keen for me to pursue that option.

So at present I am due for a single mastectomy and imm recon. I don’t know what type as I have yet to have an appointment with the surgeon who will do this ( it needs to be in a different hospital to my normal one).

I’m finding it all very frustrating that it seems to be really hard to get good advice and direction from any of the medics I have seen so far.

HAs anyone got any experiences that they could share.
Love Freddie xxxxxxxx

Evening Freddie…

I was dx nov 08…invasive ductal carcinoma…7 cm tumour.Started with neo-adjuvant chemo and finished in April this year.
My family history is crap…mum and dad with BC and various others family members on my dads side.
Had BLM 11 th may this year with becker implants.Have to say its not that bad…its the waiting which is the worst.Will switch to silicone implants later as still to get rads.
Three days before operation got confirmation I am BRACA2.Was going ahead with BLM anyway but just made everything crystal clear.
I always knew I was a bit dodgy…numerous benign lumps removed in my 20’s.
PS must admit was not that keen to go down the route of BLM initially…they will never commit but when result came in very happy to go ahead.Its not that PS would’nt do BLM …just wanted to make sure you are aware of the implications of doing this.

They may refer you to a clinical psychologist …basically I think to cover their own backs and protocols that go along with having BLM.

Stick to your guns if thats what you want…don’t let anyone dissuade you but remember you can always go back and get further masectomy if required when your genetic results come in.

Hope this helps …you can pm me at anytime

Love and best wishes

Pauline xxxxx

I had WLE, chemo and rads after being diagnosed in 2005. I’ve since been told that I have BRCA1 gene and I am due to have a double mastectomy and reconstruction in November. I’ve having LD flap with implant. The op will take approximately 7 hours with a 6-8 week recovery time (fingers crossed!!).

Hope this info helps.


Hi, I have had BLM on 12th May with immediate reconstruction of both breasts. Whilst it is big surgery, I am glad I did it this way. I had it using my own skin so did not use my back or stomach- this makes a huge difference to your recovery; I have becca implants that will be enlarged as I heal. I was very ill with the pain medication- not so troubled by the surgery itself- which is amazing as I am very much a wimp. It looks much better than I thought- even at this stage and I could wash my own hair from day2!!!

I had DCIS,LCIS and lobular cancer(2.3mm) and am waiting to see oncolgoy for chemo- my greatest dread. My results this week confirmed that my decision to ahve both removed was a wise one.

I, like you, have not found many people who have had or are about to ahve a double mastectomy. hope the comments help- ask if you want more, take care. Crazygirl.


Can I just say a big thank you to all of you who have responded to this thread.It is very encouraging to hear positive experiences.

My head has always wanted this option but many people around me seem surprised at my thoughts on this. It is good to know this op IS possible.

Part of my reasoning is that I don’t think I can live with the worry of my ‘good breast’.I really want to minimise the possbility of any cancer coming back . I fear that if I choose the single masectomy and imm recon, I pretty sure i will want the other one done at a later date anyway regardless of the genetic test results.

With two young children I could really do with it all being over and done with.I am prepared for the recovery time.

Can I also ask- with becker implants, is it a day visits to get them gradually expanded?


Freddie xxxxxxxxx

Hi Freddie…

I am now 19 days post -op and have to attend GRI on thursday.I believe its for a wound check and also with a view to starting the expanding process.They half-filled my becker implants whilst getting the surgery and I believe its not that long a procedure injecting further saline.This is done using a bit of local anaesthetic.

Be quite clear what size of cup you would like to have at further consultation with PS.I reckon the scarring is not that bad either…compared to years ago when it was a butchers job done to my breasts.Things have progressed so well.Yes, there is bruising but mine is dispersing real fast!!!

Incidentally,I only had the one drain in…just at my back.Thats really what keeps you in the hospital. I was wanting out the next day as I am a nurse and could look after drain myself…OH would not wear this though…hehe.

Keep taking the painkillers…ports are a bit uncomfortable initially…but hey you can live with it.

Take care and best of luck


I had double mastectomy, prophylactic, with immediate tram flap recon.

I was misdiagnosed and felt I could never trust my breasts again, or anyone elses opinion of them.

It was a gut decision that I still feel was the right one. However I was not prepared for the recovery time (from tram flap) and also the physical lack of sensitivity and numbness over all my breasts and abdomen.

At that time, I had a small child and felt the recon was the right thing for a sense of normaility, mainly for her. It is a big thing and I would advise looking at plenty of pictures and talking to as many people as you can before making your decision. Jx