Anyone had double MX then reconstruction?

Hi, I am a BRCA2 gene carrier and have decided to have double MX with LD flap recon. I was diagnosed with bilateral BC in Sept 2008 and had lumpectomies to both breasts followed by chemo and rads. I recovered well from surgery but I am so worried about this procedure. I have met with ladies who have had both LD Flap,Tram and Diep recon to one side but not to both.Fabulous ladies with fabulous results who made my mind up the LD recon is for me.

I am aware of the fact that because I have had radiotherapy to both breasts that the implants may harden and the procedure may not ‘work’. I am seeing PS on Thursday to discuss my final decision, he was veering more towards tummy procedure but really don’t want such a big op.

Anyone had the same procedure or any comments welcome.
Am just learning whole new BC vocabulary so apologies if wrong! Thought I was done with all of this but hey still going strong after 3 cancers in six years, this website/forum is the best!!

Brenda x


I am having the Double M in October. I have been told that I would need to wait for a year for reconstruction and am not sure about the options yet. I will be looking into all of this in detail shortly - but have just started chemo and am still on the conveyor belt of appointments!! I will be watching the advice on this thread with interest.

One of the girls I met on the chemo ward is in for her double mx next week and I am going to visit her. She has been told the same as me (but then again, we are at the same hospital!) and I will get a bit more info off her then and then pop back if I have any helpful info…


Hi Brenda,

I have had 2 mx and reconstruction with ld flap both times. I had left mx and immediate reconstruction last year after dx and I had a risk reducing mx and immediate reconstruction 5 weeks ago as I am also BRCA 2.
My implant from last year’s surgery has gone hard and I will be having a discussion with the surgeon to see what can be done, but if you have already have had rads then it is unlikely this will happen to you. I had drains in both times after surgery and both times went home with drains in. I have recovered all my movement in both arms, definetely do the exercises as soon as you can after surgery.I am very pleased with the result and like you didn’t want the long diep surgery and recovery.
The scars on my back are neat. The only problem I did have was a seroma on my back both times.
Hope this helps

Hi Cat,

Thanks, you have really have put my mind at rest,after 5 weeks you sound like you are doing great.

My surgeon said because I have had rads to both sides there is more of a chance of the implants hardening but I think I am willing to take that risk. I feel I just want the mx and the quickest recovery.
I will certainly do the exercises.

Hope your recovery continues well, thanks again.


Haven’t had double MX, but had MX to left breast and immediate LD flap +implant recon on the 26th Jan.

I didn’t have enough tummy fat to consider diep option (first time I’ve ever been too skinny for something!) Even if I could have had the diep option, I’m not sure I would have taken it. It sounded like a massive op and my main hobby is horse riding, for which good tummy muscles and core strength are more important than arm and shoulder strength. Also I am right handed.

My plastic surgeon (who took over once the BC surgeon had done the MX and lymph node removal) has done a great job of matching my ‘new’ boob to the old one - even down to the right level of ‘droop’!
Had hardly any pain post surgery - didn’t need morphine pump. Had op late Fri, out of bed just standing on Sat and walking the corridor on Sun. A week in hosp - they didn’t let me go til all drains removed. Did get a seroma on back that needed draining a few times, but that resolved itself quite quickly. I was driving and back at work (part time for a couple of weeks at first) 6 weeks post op.

Five months post surgery and the new boob is really starting to feel like it belongs to me - obviously don’t have the level of feeling and it still feels a bit firmer and heavier than the other one, but improving all the time. The PS warned that it does take a long time to completely settle down. It’s a bit bigger than the other one but this may still alter and I have a port in the implant so it can be adjusted at a later date if needed. It’s a bit perkier (they are now nicknamed Pinky and Perky) than the other, but all of this is totally unnoticeable in bra and clothes - as is the slight bulkiness under my arm where the muscle was put through. That felt enormous for weeks, but again is starting to feel more natural and is unnoticeable to everyone else.

My scars around nipple area and on back are improving all the time ( I do use Bio Oil). I can see that the nipple area scar will be difficult to spot in a year or two. The scar on my back is bigger and more ‘serious’, but still improving and is covered by my bra strap.
My shoulder and under my arm still feel a bit stiff and tight, but I have virtually full range of movement and am back gardening and horse riding - albeit carefully! Make sure you get and do the exercises!

I’m 5/6 way through chemo and that does make the recon feel worse at times, but I’m assured that this is temporary. I’ve found out that they are also now recommending rads. This was a calculated risk I took - my plastic surgeon said that even if get capsulation round the implant and, worse case, down the line I need the capsulation removed and a new implant, the final cosmetic result will still be better than a delayed recon.

Good luck!

Sandytoes, thanks for your reply hope everything is going well with chemo. I am not sure if it is dependant on the hospital or the patients circumstances as to wether immediate recon is offered. I am glad in one way that I can have recon as I feel I may not go back after MX due to the amount treatment/surgery I have had! Would be nice to know how your friend gets on, I wish her the best. It is good to talk to someone who has gone through it.

DJ, thanks for your info, you seem to have made a great recovery. Unfortunately I do have the fat on my tummy but don’t like the idea of the long op, especially both sides.
What a coincidence I too have Pinky and Perky! When Oncoplastic surgeon did lumpectomies 2 years ago one side was ‘lifted’ more than other, I always tell my hubby to walk on Pinky’s side so Perky can be seen!

Hope you are managing chemo, almost done, well done!! My very best to you. You have put my mind at ease re op and recovery.

Brenda x

Glad to have been of help. It’s a difficult and complex choice to make - but good that you’ve got one. It seems to differ around the country as to what options you given.

Hope all goes well - keep us posted.


hi I had a double mastectomy in April 2010 then a Diep reconstruction in January 2011. Yes it has been a long two years really as I have to still have the nipples done but I feel great!! A few problems with seroma and the side where I had radiotherapy will need a bit of a nip and tuck in a few months but I can’t tell reallY more of an issue to the specialist as she wants to do a perfect job!! I really am pleased I choose this route as although it has been hard work I think I will have less problems in the future them what I would of had with other options good luck hope this has helped love Mariex

Hello Ladies

Not sure how relevant this is but I also had double MX with immediate recon with implants. The reason my surgeon (at the R.Marsden) advised this option for me was because I already had (cosmetic) implants so the ‘pocket’ was already made. At the time of dx I wasn’t expected to have rads but after surgery and finding 2/13 nodes affected, I chose to have rads after my chemo as I’m TN so wanted to throw all possible at it.

Post-rads I started to get pain in right side chest area (which I’ve detailed in other threads) so after 1 month of taking pain-killers my surgeon deflated my right implant (leaving 50ml) as the rads had caused the capsule to tighten round the implant. This has eased things but I’m still taking painkillers regularly but the advice was to wait and see how my body continues to heal. Basically I’m still in a fair bit of discomfort, even on painkillers, but the pain clinic also gave me oramorph for when it gets really bad (only twice so far thankfully).

I was certainly not expecting the level of pain after rads but as my surgeon said:implants don’t like rads. I’m hoping things will improve because I’m not able to do my normal activities using my right-hand and driving also causes pain. Not back at work yet because of this unexpected hiccup.

I will follow this thread with interest. My surgeon told me the next step if the pain doesn’t subside would be to deflate my right implant totally, which I really don’t want, and after that removal, which I really, really don’t want :o(

Are we ‘double-mx with immediate-recon-using-implants-ladies-who- also-undergo-rads’ a rare breed? I didn’t meet any in the rads waiting room so its been hard to compare experiences and know what the future may bring!!

All words and advice appreciated :o)

Heather xx