anyone had good response from docetaxol h and p

Hi has anyone had a good response with docetaxol h and p just started two weeks ago need a lift feeling down lung / liver Mets x x 


This is a tough regime, especially the first dose I found particularly bad with loads of side effects that I luckily didn’t get from that cycle onwards. I finished the chemo part of this regime a year ago and now have stayed stable (in bones) and continued reduction (in liver mets). There is a thread called ‘Pertuzamab’ which has a lot of ladies posting on it from time to time so it’s worth reading it, I’ll bump it up so you can see it more easily.

Take care

Nicky x

Hello, this is the first time I have posted. I started docetaxol, h and p in Sept. I have now had 4 treatments. The first one knocked me about a lot, felt pretty grim but it seems to have got easier and have had a good response so far. Will keep you posted. Good Luck. X

Thanks for the reply chocolates glad your doing well gives us all hope ! I know what you mean about docetoxel ? x x forums for over two years .great help.first time post.dx
.2004.mascetomy.chemo.rads.remission for about seven years
Stage four in bones.peritenium…oneyear on capecitabine.demusabab.bone improvement.peritoneal lets gone.then changed to letrozole.didn’t work well
Return of peritoneal and 3liver mets
Now on docetaxal.every 3weeks.first one .floored me infection hospital for one week.thrush…must say had second one last Monday and have not suffered too much
…thanks for your posts they have helped me so this strange world of secondary breast cancer…xx