Anyone had heavy period whilst on chemo ?



Has anyone else had a heavy period whilst on chemo? What happened? Did you tell anyone and was anything done to help you? Also did it postpone your chemo due to low blood count?


It was initially thought I wouldn’t need chemo so I started tamoxifen on 18th Nov, then stopped on 1st Dec when I found out about chemo. I started to lose a small amount of blood on a daily basis on 24th Nov. I told my oncologist about this but he just shrugged and said it can happen. 


The blood loss continued and I had my first chemo on 11th Dec. Then on 16th December I started losing a lot of blood and heavy blood clots and its still going strong a week on. The heavy bleeding started around the time I would be due a regular period. I do get heavy periods but its usually heavy for 2 days then light for a day or 2 and then over. Oncology havent been helpful at all and on Friday I went to my GP out of desperation as I was so low and tired. I had full range of blood tests including one for clotting. But as I’m due my pre-chemo blood tests on 27th and seeing oncologist on 28th (chemo should be New Years Eve) I’m thinking it may be postponed due to low blood count.  I’ve now been bleeding since 24th November with heavy bleeding since last Sunday. I just want to stop bleeding and have a few ‘normal’ days before next chemo…I should have written to Santa! 


Be great to hear if anyone else been through similar xxx

Sounds like starting and stopping Tamoxifen has sent your hormones/ cycle into confusion ! Good that you have checked things out with your GP.You could ask about this in the Ask The Nurses section of the forum ?

That’s good to hear .Good luck with the rest of your chemo .