Anyone had infection problems on Xeloda?

Hi everyone, I started Xeloda two weeks ago and within 10 days was in hospital yet again on IV antibiotics for a week with a chest infection. Unbelievably for me, white blood cell, neuts etc. count was fine.
I am particularly distraught because I had taxotere all last summer and managed to survive only one treatment without problems. I was in hospital four times, each time a week on IV antibiotics. Finally for treatments 7 and 8 I found out about neulasta injections (from this forum I was just so grateful!) asked oncologist for them and was fine.
Now I am very afraid it is all starting again with Xeloda. The oncologist does not believe in neulasta injections with Xeloda and will not give me antibiotics in advance. I feel I am just being left open to infection with the next Xeloda treatment, and worst of all the Xeloda was cut short when I got the last infection so cancer cells are having a big party as I did not even get full Xeloda dose - they are well pleased. I am actually fit and well normally, it’s not as if I am at late stages, My immune system just turns tail and runs whenever it sees an anti cancer drug coming its way.
Has anyone any suggestions from their own experience?

I haven,t had the same problems as you with Xeloda but been taken off it as it gave me thrombosis.

I had been on it since Christmas and was responding well.

During the month I have been off it my cancer has returned not only in the original site but also in the other breast area.

I,m now on Anzatax (paclitaxel) and Norelbin and have to have daily injections of Heparin.

I had my first dose on Thursday and so far no nausea, or other side effects.

Just w saw your comments about Xeloda. I have had 3 lots of Taxotere and Xeloda with 9 sessions each time. This reduces tumour well. I am now just on xeloda and feeling much better. When on Taxo and Xeloda my bloods were always low so got Neulasta injection after each chemo and it was great. Even made me feel better. Don’t get it with just Xeloda and blood count is always low. Have to wait extra week each time before I can restart again. Have been hospitalised few times with low blood count and infections but so far been ok this time. This chemo is horrible but if it is doing some good Just have to persevere. Only thing is after a few months of being off it tumour starts growing again. Good luck with everything

Hi…Ariadne…did we email each other a few years ago?
I’ve been on Xeloda for a year next cycle…so far my bloods have been okay althouth last night I think I started to get a bout of cystitis…never, ever had cystitis before…I drank loads and I think I’m okay now. Has anyone tried having their dose lowered rather than stopping Xeloda altogether? I was on a high dose 2,300 mgs twice a day, because it was working well I was then reduced to 2,000 mgs a day and my tumour markers actually went even lower. Weird. I know others who have had their dose reduced to 1,000 mgs twice a day and Xeloda is still working well for them.
Good Luck All…x