Anyone had problems with eyesight while having Taxotere.

Just wondering if anyone has had problems with there eyesight while having Taxotere. I have had 3 of my 6  treatments.

I am finding that my vision is becoming slightly blurred and I am having difficulty reading with my reading glasses which I have only had for 7 months. Sometimes bright light gives me a headache too.

Any information would be welcome. Marli x

Hi Marli,
I’m not on T yet but was told that part of my EC and T later on eyesight might be blurry due to losing eye lashes. This lets more dirt into the eyes and they become dry and hence blurry.
Please check with your BCN/team but the remedy that was mentioned to be would be normal saline eye drops. Hope you get some relief soon x

Hi Marli

I had that too…and my vision changed post chemo…I had optician thoroughly check my eyes and now wear reading glasses…as a note…tamoxifen can also cause eye disturbances …in case you are prescribed it… so he recommended annual eye check ups

I would have headaches while on the Tax… lessened once stopped…I use the cool headex for headaches rather than paracetamol …usually works for me

Hope that makes sense

Donna xx

My eyes went blurry on tax 1 couldn’t see tv or to read but still had eyelashes. It lasted a few days but returned. I didn’t have more due to other side effects. I told the onc who said it could happen possibly lasting longer each round.

Hi - I developed double vision after my first dose of docetaxel - along with other side effects. Admitted for a week which included thorough review and testing by Opthalmology who explained that with my usual eyesight the muscles adjust (or ‘accommodate’) the lens inside the eye to achieve the best (usual normal) vision - but my muscles had been affected by the chemo and were not managing to do this at the moment, and it would improve with time. By the time I went home my vision had improved considerably, and it is now about as good as usual - Opthalmology are seeing me again in about 10 days time to fully check.
The Oncologist decided that with the side effects I was having we should stop Docetaxel and go back to the FEC- so I would recommend you make very sure your Oncologist knows you are having these problems with your vision - and any other changes - they really do need to know about anything being amiss - don’t just assume it is a side effect you have to live with. They really are the experts and can only give us their best care if we tell them about all effects we are experiencing.
All best wishes x