Anyone had radio, then a mastectomy then reconstruction?

I’d like to get experience from anyone who’s opted for radio after a WLE and then a year or so later had a skin sparing mastectomy and reconstruction. This is something that could happen to me but I have been told that the reconstruction results aren’t as good. Any experience gratefully received.

Hi Laxicon

I had a WLE followed by chemo and rads. 6 months after finishing all treatment, I had a recurrence and opted for a skin sparing mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. I do get some ‘tightness’ around my original scar but overall the result is very good. Fully dressed, in gym clothes or underwear you really would not know that I had a reconstruction. My surgeon warned me that because I had had rads previously the skin could be fragile but I experienced no problems with healing.

Let me know if I can give you any more information.

Good luck! Debz x

Hu Laxicon

I had WLE and 15 sessions rads and then 4years later had mastectomy and immediate recon. I had a diep recon with skin sparing mastectomy I also had sentinel node biopsy. I have a dent over the new breast but am told that this can probably be sorted out with either fat transfer or filling. I was told that there was more likelihood of implants going hard if you had had rads. Fully dressed you would not kinow it was a reconstructed breast.

Good luck Cassie

Thanks Debz and Cassie. I was told that the skin after radio is thicker and that reconstruction doesn’t work as well, and also that the vessels are affected which means that with diep there are more problems. It sounds like it went well for you Cassie. Any advice or surprises you weren’t expecting?