Anyone had recon at Queen Elizabeth, Woolwich


I’m due to have my IGAP reconstruction on 24th Jan in Norwich, but live in SE London. My PS’s secretary is a bit concerned about post operative check ups and says I will probably have to see someone at an outpatients dept for 3 weeks after I come home from Norwich (which will be 2 weeks after op).

I had all my primary treatment and first recon in Norwich, so have no experience of the hospitals near me (Eltham). I’ve been told I need to go to a hospital which does recons, so I thought I would ask the ladies on here as I’m sure I remember someone mentioning they had had their recon at the Queen Elizabeth.

I would really appreciate hearing from ladies who have been patients at the QE.

Thank you,


Hi Sally,

I live in Bexleyheath and am a breast cancer patient at the Queen Elizabeth, Woolwich, had all my surgery, and chemo and currently herceptin there.

As far as I am aware, reconstruction ops are not done at the QE but at Guys or St. Thomas’s hospitals in London. However, there is a planned forum taking place at the QE on February 4th, with a PS from St. Thomas’s, for which I have had an invite (I had mastectomy but not had recon).

Perhaps you can discuss this with one of the breast care nurses at the hospital? If you telephone the QE switchboard and ask to be put through to one of them (Sarah or Jenny), they can hopefully give you some advice.

Let me know how you get on!

Hi justme,

Thanks for that - I met Jenny or Sarah (not sure which one!) once in the summer, so I will give them a call. Seems a bit obvious now you’ve said it!! I’ll let you know what they say.

Thanks again!


Hi local ladies
Are you going to come to the get together on the ‘anyone here from Kent’ thread?
Tracey xx

Hi Tracey,

I would have done, but am having my recon surgery done the following Saturday in Norwich so will be away for two weeks - hubby’s taking me away for a romantic weekend - whoop whoop!!

I’ll keep an eye on your thread to hear about your meet up any more in the future - have fun!!

Sally x

Hi Sally
Really hope the op goes well - and that you have a fabulous weekend away. Make sure you get spoilt rotten!!
Will let you know how saturday goes!
Tracey x

Hi Tracey,

Maidstone’s a bit far for me, as I have no transport (non-driver).

Hope you all have a great time though!


Hi Dee
I live very close to you and could pick you up. Don’t know how we could get in contact tho as we can’t post personal details on here. Maybe it’s a bit short notice to arrange it for tomorrow - but if you want to maybe next time?
Tracey x

Hi everyone, I’m having my mast + recon at St. Thomas’s on Jan 30, has anyone else had theirs done there with good results?