Anyone had reconstruction after stage 4 diagnosis?

I was diagnosed with stage 4 from the start, and at the beginning they said no reconstruction (their policy is not to do reconstructionn on stage 4 ladies). Anyway, I have had a seroma for the last 20 months, which required surgery, so I have got to know the surgeon quite well, and he has now said I can have a reconstruction.
However, because I mentioned that I would like them to take fat/skin from my tummy, he said he would have to refer me to East Grinstead - needless to say I’m now worried they will refuse to treat me due to the aforesaid policy.
Just wonder if anyone else had reconstruction after their stage 4 diagnosis?

Hi Lemongrove, I had a meeting with my surgeon last week about my upcoming MX, I asked him about recon , as my BCN told me they don’t offer it to stage 4 ladies,he said it’s not the case that they won’t do it,BUT I would have to be in good health and mets have been stable for a long period. But at least I now have the option, so feel better about it .

Hi Tillybob, thanks for the reply. Yes that seems to be the case. although they originally said they don’t do it for stage 4, the surgeon who has been dealing with my seroma say’s that he will do it if things have been stable for quite a while (which in my case they have- thank goodness).
I suppose I’m just worried that if he refers me to another surgeon, they will try to back peddle.

Hi Lemon,

Just thought id let you know my wife had mx and recon given after extensive discussions 3 months after progression of bone mets although why she wasn’t given mx a year ago at dx we will never know, although the issue was never that they woulden’t offer her it. It took 7 months after chemo failed in Jan to give her op, now on tamox,zoladex and iban acid.

Hi lemongrove,

I was diagnosed with mets 2 months after primary dx. I was told that I could have reconstruction by the surgeon. The plan was that he would take fat from my stomach for recon, he said it would be like having a tummy tuck, he also said he would reduce the other one if I wanted. Initially all this sounded very appealing. To date I have not had the recon as I felt exhausted after all the treatment, I don’t like staying in hospital, and I was not sure that it would be worth it as it would not have any medical benefit for me.

I think you should pursue recon if it will make you feel better. I don’t see why you should not have it as you are NED and are likely to have a good prognosis.

Good luck


Hi Lemongrove

Not sure this is of help but I was dx 4 years ago with bc and secondary liver mets at the same time and was told surgery and mastectomy was not an option as had already spread. But 4 years on and after finishing paclitaxel this year, there was nothing visible on my liver and my onc agreed to remove primary source. I had a cosmetic boob job mastectomy as wouldnt do the normal version due to my liver, so they basically removed everything in my boob and just replaced with implant and artificial muscle so like boob job but more if you understand.

It has taken 4 years of asking but they finally agreed, so if you really want it you should push.


dm1968, thank you so much for that encouraging news. Must say you are an inspiration.

Morning Lemongrove,DM1968

Can I ask a couple of questions. DM1968 you mention you had a reconstruction you had a implant put in what is the artificial musle.
The reason why I ask I am on the waiting list for reconstruction. The one the surgeon mentioned to me to take the musle from your back put in a something to inflate the skin which would be left for a months to see the final size. After that I could have a reduction on my other breast to make them the same size. Can I mention when I asked a about reconstruction they never said they do not do them for stage 4 patients. My care nurse has always said I could have it done even with the problems with bones as treatment is so good now I could be still here in ten years time so why not have it done. I feel that it is quite encouraging. Hope you are able to have yours done. Keep me informed. By for now.


I was told back in 2007 that because my cancer had spread, there was no point in doing a mastectomy. Which is what I wanted to remove the primary lump. But as I have done so well and defied the odds and am still here, my new lady onc - agreed for me to have the op.

I didnt have reconstruction as such. I was not allowed the normal full mastectomy, due to my liver (although good at mo), and that to have mastectomy and reconstruction is about 11 hour op and they would not put me out for that long. i was going to have a lumpectomy, but finally it was agreed to have a mastectomy - but being more like a cosmetic boob job if this makes sense. They basiclly removed the lump from my boob, plus all the tissue, fat, etc, whatever is in side ones boob, then put in an implant and this new artificial muscle - which apparently ends up taking blood from my body and is true working muscle. Sorry but I dont really understand what it is for or does lol - but its new and they are grown in a lab. Not much help really.

It is now about 10 weeks ago when I had the op and it all seems ok, but weird feeling and solid, but least no lump for me to be able to feel all the time.