Anyone had Toremifene/Fareston ?

A couple of peeps have posted about difficulties with Tamoxifen, and I wondered if anyone has been prescribed Toremifene instead.
Apparently, Tamoxifen is associated with an increased risk of endometrial hyperplasia/endometrial cancer, and liver malignancies. Research suggests that Toremifene (which works in the same way as Tamoxifen), may not carry the same risks (see link below).

I’m not sure I entirely agree with some of your comments. There is no evidence that tamoxifen causes liver cancer. It can cause changes in liver function tests but that doesn’t cause malignancies. It has been found to lower cholesterol for instance which improves health.

The side effects are pretty similar to tamoxifen eg menopausal problems like hot flushes, vaginal dryness, urinary problems etc but also bleeding changes and the more serious but rare side effects of uterine cancer and venous thromoembolisim… Can you direct me to the research for this as I’d be really interested to read it.

Cheers Lulu x

Hi Lulu, I have provided it. Included the link with the post.

Hi lemongrove I posted on the other thread.I looked up Toremifene and it seems to have the same side effects as Tamoxifen and the same risk of uterine cancer and it is only used in this country for postmenopausal women with secondary cancer.I have looked at your link but can not find anything suggesting that Tamoxifen causes liver malignancies.Don’t know if I’ve missed it.


lemongrove that article was from 1997 and obviously extremely out of date now.

there was some research published last year which ill post here and it shows that tamoxifen and toremifene are pretty similar and there was no statistically different results except for fever was more common in the tamoxifen group.

Lulu x

I’m getting a bit concerned that peeps might think I’m advocating Toremifene over Tamoxifen - which is not the case. I only posted because I had read concerns about Tamoxifen on here, and seen the article mentioned, which I admit is a bit old (1998).
The link to a more recent comparison does not consider carcinogenic potential as far as I can see, but
I have found a more recent article from 2006 (see link below) which links Tamoxifen to the formation of liver cancer (in rats- not humans). There are also a few studies that suggest that Toremifene does not have as many serious side effects ( will try and post these later). But it’s not proven that one is better than the other by any means.

Hi, the dose of Tamoxifen used in the rats was very high 11.3 to 45.2 mg/kg daily which is way beyond the 20mg dose for breast cancer patients which is equivalent to 0.3 mg/kg.
Thats a massive difference up to 45.2mg/kg daily in a tiny rat and 0.3mg/kg daily in a human.


you cannot compare rats to humans… the study i posted nobody developed liver cancer some had liver mets but thats completely different thing and there wasnt any different between the two groups… there is no evidence that tamoxifen has ever caused an increase in incidence of liver cancer…

this is an except from a study into liver cancer from 2009…
“Estrogenic agents can be carcinogenic to rat liver, but tend to inhibit cancer development in the mouse liver” so if we decide to follow the mouse model then it is less likely for us to develop liver cancer… however even with a rat and mouse being much more alike there is still a huge difference in outcomes and that human compared to either a mouse or a rat means nothing really…

most studies comparing toremifene to tamoxifen describe the same set of side effects… none of which include liver cancer but as i stated previously oestrogens can have significant changes to cholesterol levels and fatty liver.