Anyone having MX surgery in January?

Just wondered if anyone wanted to start a thread to support each other through surgery in January? I’ve just got a date for my MX and it’s 11 January.
It’s just a simple MX, I’ve turned down reconstruction at the moment.
But is anyone scheduled for mast+reconstruction? I’d be really interested to know how you feel about it and how you get on.

I’m currently still in the last chemo cycles and will just about be finished before Christmas. And thankfully don’t need rads. So the operation will be the last stage for me, will be great to get it over with!!

Love to all, Linstar

Hello Linstar!!

Good to see you. Hope you’ve been OK with the chemo? Great news that you’ll be done with chemo by Christmas.


im having a mastecomy in january date to be confirmed…have 5th of 6 chemos today last one in december…so looks like we will going through it at the same time so will be nice to compare notes…
sorry but i aint up to scratch with all the lingo yet…xx

Hiya ladies,
Tracy & linstar - I’m about the same stage as you both. I had 5th chemo yesterday and last is on the 8th dec so will be getting my surgery mid January. I’m seeing the surgeon a week today to make all the arrangements but with a lots of advice from sandytoes I know what I want - it’s just whether they will do it for me. I’m going for an immediate recon but I’m getting rads as well so I’ll be asking for expander implants to start with and then when my body’s ready for the final recon after rads which could be about a year down the line I’d like a diep or tram flap with implants (tissue taken from the tummy - might as well get a tummy tuck out of it lol). However we’ll see what my surgeon says next week about it all. It’s nice to meet other people who are at the same stage as me. I’m so glad the chemo part is almost done :slight_smile:
Caroline x

I have an appointment on 24th Nov with the surgeon, having had my last round of Tax last week (10th). I am anxious to find out the date of the operation. I am assuming, because of the size of the tumours it will be a mastechtomy with radiotherapy but don’t know yet how I feel or what are the options available re reconstruction. I will have a list of questions for the surgeon but would welcome any suggestions! I may even be able to get the op before Christmas too but will have to wait and see.

Hi All
I too had 5th chemo yesterday last on hopefully 8th Dec then MX + recon in January, don’t know date yet. Because i opted for Mx and not another WLE I don’t have to have rads. My recon will be made from a flap from my back and 'cos I have large boobs probably a small implant as well. Seeing the surgeon next week for more gruesome details. part of me wishes they didn’t share so much, just get on with it!

Lets keep in touch

Thanks everyone for responding.

Yes Sandy - I think I’m having the longest chemo regimen in the universe. It’s 8 cycles - I started on 21 June and last one is 13 Dec and that is still cutting it short so that I might feel human in time for Christmas. Hope there is long enough to recover before the op date.

Tracy - I don’t understand the language either. There are a lot of very well informed people on these forums though. Are you having simple MX?

Caroline - sounds very complicated. I was in for a tram flap as well but then got serious heebie jeebies about it - it’s a massive operation. What do they do about the nipple?

BBB - the op before Christmas would be great but there might be lots of recovery time if it’s a recon.

Yes Jane it is a bit gruesome. I think that’s what put me off the tram flap. Also there are some awful photos of women with MX scars that went wrong in one of the threads. Didn’t want to look, I’m going to be positive, trust the surgeon.

Cheers to all, keep in touch.

Linstar you’re right, best to trust the surgeons and take their advice but still make our own informed decisions. There are always going to be people who’ve had bad experiences but it doens’t mean it’s going to happen to us all so no point in worrying ourselves about things that might not happen.

Here’s a link that sandytoes shared with me and really helped me understand a lot more about the different options. You may have already seen it but if not it might be an interesting read!

Caroline xx

hiya ladies…
im not sure wot im having ,…just know its coming off in january…before my chemo yesterday i was given results of bone scans i had…it is now in my bone so after surgery i will be starting treatment for that…never ends…im a wreck at the mo but keeping it together for the kids…god i need a drink…lol

Oh Tracy - make that a large one!
You are doing wonderfully if you are coping at all.
((Mega hugs))…

Hi Ladies
saw the surgeon again yesterday. He seems to know what he’s talking about. Mx and recon which I knew but he has now decided he can reduce the other side at the same time to even me up.I have big boobs and am abit droopy so hopefully I will wake up with nice perky girls a cup size smaller. I just have to think of it as a breast reduction otherwise I am going to send myself made with worry.
Hope you are all coping well

Jane it sounds like a good option.
Have you got a date for the op?
Love to all
By the way sorry about the new photo - I realised I just had to own up to how dreadful I look now…

Hi girls.

Linstar don’t be silly, you look fine to me but hey I guess we all feel the same with what we’re going through just now.

I met my surgeon on Friday and she’s referring me to the plastic surgeons to speak to them about doing my TRAM/DIEP flap. I’m opting now to only go for a single mastectomy and they’ll give my healthy breast a lift so both sides match. Good enough for me I think and it’s less surgery/recovery etc. Depending on plastics they’re saying op will be around 10th jan so we’ll be around the same time. I’m a bit nervous about it now but also excited because it’s another step closer to beating this. How is everyone else feeling about theirs?

Caroline x

Caroline that sounds like a big operation. Are they doing both breasts at the same time?
I think you will need to take it very easy for a good few weeks afterwards. Good time to spoil yourself.
Unfortunately it’s not going to be the best time of year to be at home recovering from surgery. January and February. We could have timed it better couldn’t we girls?
When I had my hysterectomy it was April May and good weather so it was delightful. Oh well.
Love to all Jannie ops!

The docs want me to start Herceptin before surgery, anyone else been told that? Not sure I want to worry about that before op, was hoping they would start once I was recovered.

Hi Ladies
Awaiting a date but believe they are aiming for January. Having an SNB first on the 22nd Dec. Will be having immediate recon followed later by a reduction in my other breast to match them up. Need to discuss options for recon in more detail though with BCN as I was only given one option of an implant but want to see if I have other options as well, even if I have to wait a bit longer.
I have not had to have chemo or rads first so my heart goes out to you all, sounds like you are all coping well though and keeping strong.
Best wishes to all x

Hi Ladies,
I noticed this thread, and hope you don’t mind if I join you as I’ll be having it off in Jan too? Just finished last chemo on Fri 2nd Dec then had mri and mammogram/ultrasound last week so will meet with the team and surgeon this Friday. Think I’ll be in early to mid Jan for an MX, looking at the size on the ultrasound. It was 4 cm shrunk to about 2 cm by 2 cm (but my boobs are about 5 cm’s total)! I’ll also have nodes cleared then rads. By the way, do MRI scans suck or what! My bottom lip still quivers when I think of it! One MRI was almost as bad as 6 chemo sessions…I could go on!
Tracy xx, I hope you are doing ok these days? What a shock that must have been, I often worry about bone mets myself.
Hope you are all doing well and will get back when I know more.
love and hugs, Bella

Hi Bella,

Here’s the link to BCC’s publication regarding breast surgery which you may find helpful.

Also do give the helpline a ring and have a chat with the nurses, they’re here to support you through this.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi,I’ve just joined the site because I am expecting to have a mastectomy and reconstruction in January. I had a lumpectomy in August but they found DCIS, so I have had chemo (last one Weds 14th). I would like an immediate recon as I don’t want to keep going back for surgery. I don’t know which kind I am going to have yet and joined the site to find out how other women had found the different types, particularly recovery, when you can drive etc. I think the likely options will be DIEP or LD flap but I’ll have to see what the surgeon says.
I would like to be in touch with anyone going through it at the same time for moral support.
Although I want to get on with it so I can get my life back, I am worried about it and how I am going to feel afterwards.
Any advice would be very much appreciated.
Thanks, Sue

I’ve just posted a very long and detailed summary of my recovery when I had my mx in Feb 2010 and unfortunately lost it!!!
I just wanted to reassure you that I’m two years ahead of you with a simple mx (there was nothing simple about it!)and I have recovered at my own rate, which was slow…
But I returned to work and socialising again within a year but still feel there is more emotional recovery to come…
I have other health issues too so it wasn’t straightforward and maybe you have too…
I’ve learnt a great deal through this horrid journey and I’m stronger for it. You will be too.
It’s not easy but with support you will get through this.
Don’t give up on your exercises too early, I did and I’ve paid the price!!! From my experiences it’s not a simple route forward but I wanted to offer you my encouragment and send you all huge hugs of support to enable you to manage Christmas as well as you can.
The waiting is HELL.
Once I woke up after the op I was so relieved to be getting on with my recovery but don’t rush it…It really does take its time and I don’t feel you can take short cuts!

Once again, I hope I haven’t butted in but I wanted you to know there is very normal life after 18/24 months. Emotionally I’m still coming to terms with the attack on my body but I’m not sad because I’m alive and moving forward…
Keep supporting each other…and you’ll move forward together.
Our group started nearly two years ago and we’re still supporting each other. Many different concerns now but some of us are still having reconstruction ops, and so it goes on…