Anyone having treatment at the chiltern bucks

Just wondered if anyone out their is having treatment at the chiltern hospital in bucks?

Only asking as I am and would be nice to know other that are? The chemo rooms always seem to have people in them and would be nice to say hello. I guess this is the downside to private v nhs the isolation from others.



I had my chemo at the Chiltern but finished last September. I agree that being treated in private rooms means you do not get to meet the other ladies. They seem to stagger the times people start treatment, too, so you are very unlikely to meet anyone else while you are waiting to go in either. I was happy to be on my own for the first one, as I did not know what to expect but after that it would have been nice to meet some others.

I went to Mount Vernon for rads and you get to meet with the ladies while you are waiting there. You see them nearly every day for almost 4 weeks so you really do get to chatting… mostly about how awful the traffic was as we were all scheduled for treatment around 8:30 to 9:00am. We also talked about our treatment, too, besides other things. I often wonder how some of them are getting on now.

Hi cherry orchard

Lovely to hear from you.

I’m thinking of having rads at mount vernon did you use the newest private center their for them? I’m abit confused what’s over their? Mental note regarding traffic I think without the traffic issues it should take a hour. Where ever I go for rads it’s a hours drive.


Hi Charlotte,
There is a new bit which houses the Cyberknife but unless you are having something special you will be treated in the newish area where all the linear accelerators are. You have your appts the same as the NHS patients, there is no special treatment. You check in with reception the same as they do and wait your turn to be treated just as they do. You just have an extra form to fill out when you first start. The staff are very good but the place is busy and it does feel a bit like a McDonald’s drive through… McRads.

I’ll PM you my phone number. Give me a call and I will be able to answer some of your questions more fully.

Hi I am not having my chemo at the Chiltern but do live down the rd and am having my treatment at Wycombe Hospital. I am on FEC - T and had my first dose last Tuesday. Love Georgie

Hi I had all my treatment last year at the Chiltern and Mount Vernon. Didn’t have any problems with either and found them all very friendly. Adi x