Anyone HER2 positive

Hi, Any HER2 positive ladies on here … who can put my mind at rest…  x

Hi Cocolily. I am also HER2 pos and fretting about that big time so I am sorry I don’t think I can be of much help at the moment. I have to go for another WLE this Friday as not enough margins on the previous one, then I think it will be chemo with Herceptin unless they have to do a mastectomy prior this. What I have read is that chemo and Herceptin is the standard treatment and if that is what they recommend I will go for it. Keep well! x

Hi Cocolilly & Tussie
I am HER2 positive too. I was diagnosed in November, surgery December and started chemo January. I have had one dose of herceptin, sub cutaneously. I was given the choice of it by injection or by drip and opted for the injection as it seemed to be so much quicker than the drip, given that we will need to continue it for a year. Herceptin is a wonderful drug that brings our statistics into an equivalence with HER2 negative girlies! Yes we need a whole year of it every three weeks but once we have completed that, we are virtually the same as the negatives. Good luck to you both.

Hi croolily,
A year yesterday i went for my first mamo that propelled me into this crazy world. I would say listen to your onc, who knows your specific diagnosis, and treatment options with risks verse benefits.
2 Ops and rads later + HER2 pos i opted not for chemo, but hormone meds (anastrazole) as no ovaries.
Wishing you well. Listen to all the info, ask all your questions and may your path be smooth. You will find seemingly conflicting info, this is because we are so unique

Thank you for your reassurance it really means a lot to me and others who read the post but may not comment. A scary place to be in right now but knowing we will come out the other end a stronger person for it xxx

Hi lovelies,  

I am her2+ , was diagnosed last year in October.  Had single mastectomy in december, started chemo in february.

My surgeon said her2+ is not good as its aggressive but herceptin brings our stats up to everyone elses. So we’re kinda lucky as its so targeted. He was pleased I would have this option. My children think of it as the perfect weapon. :wink:

Ive had 2 AC chemo so far from 4 and after that start packlitaxol and herceptin.  I have been told as they are targeted the side effects are much less… the current chemo is doable.  The anti nausea and steroids make it possible.  I tend to sleep for most of 3 days and am very slow for a week,  but after that life becomes more normal.  

Its one heck of a ride,  but once you’re on it its not so bad.