Anyone here got ME/CFS? Biopsy result this Thursday

Hi I found a lump 28th December. It grew quickly to 6cm then stopped growing fingers crossed. Its right behind my nipple so not touching my chest muscle.

The wait is hard & I havent told many people as you always get a label put on you if you say its cancer then find out it isnt. But the consultant said its a solid lump and he’d be very surprised if it wasnt cancer after seeing the xray & ultrasound.

My main fear is physical pain & death.

I think a mastectomy is probable so Im gathering all my favourtie entertainments & prayers onto a laptop to take to hospital. Once the laptop is set up, no matter how ill I am, it will provide slide shows that are very comforting & helpful.

Im also getting my house tidied.

Im very lucky to be on anti anxiety medication already. I have severe ME as well which means I use a powerchair to get about.

I went through the menopause starting age 38 and finished age 42. At 42 I was put on hormone replacement which is supposed to only increase the breast cancer risk slightly. Now, 12 months later I have a large lump in my breast! They told me its important as my bones will thin without the HRT but now Im getting my breast cut out because they were worried my bones might thin slightly??!! Anyway if you know anyone considering HRT tell them my story.

Hope you are all doing ok big hugs

Michelle in York

Sorry to hear what you’re going through, Michelle.
It is such a horrible time when waiting for results, but it can help to be pro-active in preparing as you’re doing, in case you have to start treatment.
Do let us know how you get on & if it is all confirmed, then there’s loads of support from all of us here.
Sending hugs
ann x

I have also got ME/CFS and have had so for many many years but do manage to work partime and put up with feeling tired in pain and run down.

i get the results of my biopsy this Friday which I think is the day after you Michelle.

i just want to know - I hope very much for you the results are clear, I am scared of what it may be like to have to have surgery and Radiotherapy but with our prexisting illness can’t imagine how it will be.

good luck to us both 

I have read your post - I like you have ME and have had to varying levels since 1989 

im in a reasonable stage but was wheelchair bound when it was at it’s worse.

i am older than you but had a clear mammogram in 2016 started HRT that same year and now following yesterday mammogram/ ultra sound and biopsy have been told there is something suspicious 

anothet of my friends with ME had the same - 

however the thought of not being in HRT is terrible as I got so stiff and so many sweats and flushes and sleep problems and mood swings.

sorry to hear you are suffering it is so scary 

I know and waiting seems endless it’s crap 

but I also have would you believe 7 friends who have been through treatment and are at various stages of recovery so I try to tell myself this is encouraging.