Anyone here with a chronic illness BEFORE bc diagnosis?

Hi there, I’m just wondering how many there are out there? 

I have had ME/CFS for 20+ years, I also have fibromyalgia, underactive thyroid, pernicious anaemia, osteoarthritis, IBS, chronic migraines… 

I was diagnosed last week and now going through more tests before starting chemo very shortly. I’m really worried about how I’ll cope with treatment on top of a very long list of pre-existing symptoms (symptoms which I believe helped mask my BC) and a very long list of drugs. On the other hand, maybe I’m a bit of an expert at dealing with fatigue, nausea, pain, etc and it’ll help?! Who knows!

I’ve been googling to try and find cancer + chronic illness support groups but can’t seem to find much out there.

So, any fellow Spoonies around?

Doris x

I was diagnosed with bc 5 years ago when I was 74. Like you, I have had me, fibromyalgia ,arthritis for 20 years. I was very concerned about treatment and spoke to my GP who reassured me that all my meds would help me cope. My treatment was no way as  bad as I expected and  now 5 years on I am … .  doing ok. Please be reassured. Sending lots of hugs.

Hi Doris

As a fellow spoonie that has today been diagnosed with Breast Cancer I came across your post whilst trying to find out more about Breast cancer and ME. 

If not too intrusive, may I ask what you were diagnosed with and how you have found your progress battling chronic illness and breast cancer?

Thanks, Sam x

Hi,well me too I have been trying to get info on the effects of the hormone meds on me as I have Fybro,psoiatic arthritus IBS etc . also the radiotherapy. my biggest worry now is after surgery I have had a flare up and walking limited again. I am dreading any treatment