Anyone hormone negative but HER2 positive?

[I have had a local recurrence after 6 yrs but this time the tumour is ER & PR negative but still HER2 positive, stage 2, grade 3. Has anyone else had this? I’m seeing the oncologist tomorrow to find out about additional treatment.](Hormone negative but HER2 positive anyone? “Hormone negative but HER2 positive anyone?”)



Hi Sorry to hear that you have a recurrence. I have been recently diagnosed and am Her2+ ER & PR-. but just starting the journey.

Best Wishes

Hello Claire, just came across your post from June and wondered how you are doing? 

I too was diagnosed with a new primary cancer in the opposite breast which was completely opposite to my previous diagnosis- this time ER- but HER2 +  Struggling to get my head around it! Would be interested to hear your experience. Best wishes, Ange x 

Hello! I was just diagnosed with HER2 positive grade 3 (stage 2). What was your first diagnosis?