Anyone in Belgium or overseas?

i am a Brit currently living in Belgium. The medical treatment here is fab, and i have my hubby and daughter and some lovely friends here, but being overseas still makes me feel a bit alone, as my French isnt good enough just to “chat”, orpass the time of day with people in a similarbposition.
is anyone else in the same boat?

Bumping this post up for Spudgirl in case anyone nearby has missed it

Hello Spud girl I am a Brit living in France , I have a husband and three boys, have some great friends here and in Uk but feel its important to talk to someone who is going through the same thing. Medical care here in France is brilliant but wish I could speak better French to talk more freely to other patients and drs.

Hi Wattie!!
Great to hear from you! Thats exactly how I feel here. The medical care is great, the people are lovely, but my French is not good enough to easily talk with people. I have to think about nearly every sentence which is very frustrating! I can understand things more than I can say things.
I’m off to see the Oncologist today. He speaks pretty good English so I can relax a bit. However, I have a lump on my arm and I’m going to have to tell him about it just for my own peace of mind, but I have a feeling it will result in more tests…

Dear spudgirl
sorry not to have been in contact before but I’ve been somewhat taken over by my chemo treatments.
How are you doing? What was the outcome of the lump in your arm hope it was nothing.
ive had my fourth of six cycles of chemo now and can’t wait to get the next two finished. what has been your treatment and how are you coping?
speak soon xxx