Anyone in Bolton for Meet Up?

Hello Ladies. I would like to see how many of you would be interested in meeting up for a chat, drink or coffee in the Bolton area.
Having finished my treatment in Nov 2011 i feel at a loose end and in a way alone and would like to get a group together where we can meet and swap tips and stories.

Mainly something to focus on that is a bit of a treat whether you are going through treatment,have finished or are about to start. And of course to have a laugh as we need to laugh to get through this horrible place.

Hope to hear from someone.



Hi Majesty,

I don’t live far from Bolton.
I finished my treatment some time ago, but would be glad to meet up for a coffee.
Perhaps you could pm me.
Rosie x

hi IM FROM OLDHAM not far from you and have just been diagnosed and awaiting further results on a second lump. I see that you finished your treatment last year, but would like advice and support from someone who has been throught this ordeal. Thanks nesthead61

Hi - I’m in Westhoughton. I finished active treatment Jan 2013, just on tamoxifen now. Would be meeting people locally.