Anyone in Brighton or Leicestershire?

I was wondering if there was anyone in Brighton or Leicestershire that was going through what I am at quite a young age. Im only 29 and would love to meet up with someone who is going through what I am. Ive had a mastectomy and now going thro chemo. I live in Brighton but am coming up to Leicester a lot to stay with my parents as I get quite lonely in Brighton cos my partner works and we only moved there 3 months ago so dont know lots of people. Would be great to meet up for coffees and chat with someone t knows what you are going through.


I noticed that nobody had posted so I just thought id pop by to say hi. I don’t fit the bill at all as Im 37 and live up in sheffield, but I hope you find someone to meet up with. Its a shame really because i have recently finished a four year course in leicester that required me to commute once per week. I did however meet a friend in leciester over the summmer and was amazed at all the work done round the new john lewis… unrecognisable. We found some great bars and had a fantastic time. Im on chemo too now so the tiredness in addition to having a young family leaves me much less mobile.
Good luck xxx carmel

Hi Emily,
Can’t really help much either but if you have a car and feel up to it there is a BC support group who meet once a fortnight in Cuckfield. They are a lovely bunch of ladies, there are usually 10 -15 people there and several are under 40. If you are interested contact one of the BC nurses at the Princess Royal Haywards Heath who can give you dats etc. Some of the ladies come quite a distance so you might find someone to share a lift with?

Hi Emily,

I am in Nuneaton not too far from Leicester- my sister lives in Narborough. Was diagnosed in Aug 05 and since had double masectomy with recon as BRCA1 positive. Having hysterectomy on Tuesday. Always happy to talk- u can email me on and either talk over phone or meet up. Im 35.


Hi Emily

I’ve gone through chemo (FEC x 6 - May to September 2007), mastectomy (November 2007), radiotherapy (x 25) (February to March 2008) and eventual reconstruction (just out of hospital) so if you have any questions on any aspect, then please feel free to ask.

Bubs XX

Hi Emily

I live in Brighton and had a mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy 4 years ago when I was 35. I have recently had reconstruction. I would be happy to meet you and wonder if you might be interested in the Brighton Breast Cancer Support Group that meets on the 3rd Monday on every Month at The Brigthelm Centre. There is also a website.

Julia x

HI Emily
I am in Worthing and had mastectomy in Sept. I am starting radiotherapy at Royal Sussex on 20th Jan. I am 38 ( but quite a young version!) and would be more than happy to meet up sometime … let me know if you fancy it sometime