Anyone in Cornwall up for a chat


I live near St Austell in Cornwall and would love to hear from anyone in the area with a view to talking, meeting up for coffee etc and to support each other through the bad stuff. Estelle xx

Hi Estelle,
I am from Carbis Bay so I am not far from you. Where are you having treatment? I go to Royal Cornwall. Are you seeing Ian Brown ? he did my operation 10 years ago in Manchester and he is really good. You will be in safe, confident hands plus handsome!
Love Debsxxx

Hi Debs

Am going to the Mermaid Centre and Treliske for my ops - not that impressed to tell you the truth. Mermaid Centre is great but it’s a lot of travelling xx

I know what you mean about the distance , to be honest I have got used to it. I will be there Tues for clinic and then Thurs for treatment. The one consolation is the landscape is so much nicer than Manchester, it is like going for a Sunday drive. How sad am I?
Good luck with treatment. Speak soon.
Love Debsxxx

Hi estelle,
Im a cornish gal , and live in Falmouth , also go to the Mermaid center and Sunrise center, My onc is the loverly Alastair Thomson also very handsome (think weve got all the good looking ones in cornwall lol ) he is fantastic and i have complete confidence in him,(he trained at the Marsden and teaches med students also has lots of work published in med journals so highly expierenced in cancer world.He even rings me at home to put me out of my misery when waiting for test results.
Im only 12 miles from Treliske so not so far for me, but still the traveling can get you down especially when i was haveing Rads and had to go daily for 23 days.
I was Dx almost 2 yrs ago now ,had WLE/SNB, 8 x chemo, Rads and now on Tamoxifen. I was at the Sunrise center last tues .
I know at first it seems like an endless round of appointments and traveling but you will get the very best of care at RCH.
It would be great to chat.
All the best
Lindiloo x

Hi Lindiloo

Lovely to hear from you - even under these circs. Am only onto my second op (16th) to clear nodes so haven’t got a onc yet. Really a bit clueless about what’s happening at the moment. Talking to people I have realised that I need to take a bit more control over this and ask more questions. I don’t even know if I am going to need chemo yet. Have been reading alot of stuff that seems to say if the nodes are involved you usually have chemo - the thought of it actually scares me more than anything else at the moment. Take care, Estelle

Hi estelle,
I know how very scarey all this must seem right now, i remember when i was Dx it felt all so very sureal ,as if i was on the outside looking in on somebody elses life. I knew very little about BC back then and it was a steep learning curve for me.
I wasnt one for going to the doctors and had a bit of a phobia about takeing pills and stuff, so when i was told i had breast cancer i realy was terrified , i had visions of even jumping off the trolly and doing a runner on the way to theater , i remember the BC nurse saying i was more afraid of the general aneasetic than the BC, and i know its sounds daft but i was.
I had to have chemo because my tumour was a grade 3 , and although if im honest sometimes it was hard, it is definately Doable and they do make sure you have plenty of meds for any side effects, i was never sick with chemo as the anti amedics worked realy well for me, these days they have lots of meds available to combat the side effects from chemo so noone need suffer in silence .
Sorry to hear that you have to have a second op , the waiting for results is always the worst bit , but when you get started on your treatment plan things do get better i promise.
I used to write a list of all my questions , and took them with me to appointments cos i know i wouldnt have rememberd stuff when i got there , and its a good idea if you can take someone with you as i know it can be hard to take everything in sometimes.
As tempting as it is try not to read too much on the internet cos it can be a scarey place and its not always very accurate ,this site is Brilliant and there will always be someone here to support you and help if they can.
Il be keeping everything crossed for you for the 16th, and hope that all gos ok .
You take care and if i can help in anyway or you just want someone to chat to im here.
Hugs Lindiloo x

Hi Lindiloo

Thank you so much - I really felt better after that. Sometimes I do feel like a bit of a wuzz cos there seems to be so many people who are going through worse stuff than me and they are so upbeat - perhaps that will be me when this has all sunk in. Never really had a problem with operations as I have had so many now - got a body that looks like a road map! I suppose my real problem is the waiting for results - once I know what is happening I can handle it. When I had a brain tumour - I was Dx, admitted and operated on inside 5 days, told I was ok and back at work in 3 weeks. This is like torture as I’m not one for doing nothing as I am sure is the same for you and everyone. Was going to do a bit of light gardening today after that lovely weather we had yesterday - Not much hope of that! But did take walk up the beautiful Luxulyan Valley in the sunshine - couldn’t go too far but it’s a start - the bluebells should be out soon and that is a sight to see. Speak soon, hugs Estelle x

Hi Estelle,
Gosh, sounds as though you have had much more than your fair share of problems thrown at you, being Dx with a brain tumour must have been realy scarey ,youve done realy well to get through that and to get back at work so soon.
Life seems so unfair sometimes ,i too am at a point in my life where nothing surprises me anymore, i havent had any major illness before this, but leading up to being Dx with BC had 2 solid years of traumas, accidents,and deaths in my family all shocks and all unexpected, i dreaded answering the phone in the end cos it always seemed to be bad news.
Your certainly not a wuzz ,its realy hard waiting for test results , everyone here will tell you its the worst bit in all of this, i think once we know whats happening to us we get back some control of things, and then find you just go into auto pilot and get on with stuff.
I think i had to wait about 10 days for my op results, though i had my op pretty quick 5 days after DX too, but as its your second op its always worth asking if they can get your results quicker,what ive found ofen is that the results are in but your just waiting on appointment times, its always worth ringing up and asking.
Your walk sounded lovely , its always nice to get out and have some fresh air ,i love seeing the bluebells too lol
Keep as busy as you can ( i know easier said than done) and dont be to hard on yourself your doing ok , you will get through this promise.
Lots of hugs
Lindiloo x

Hi Lindiloo

The sun is shining at last - it’s amazing how much better everything seems with sunlight on it.
You seem to have had a few years like me but I like to think things can only get better (good song - great for dancing round the house to).I think at one stage I had major surgery every year for five years but I like to think I paid in to it so might as well get my money’s worth lol. I’m going to attempt to make a lovely cake for everyone at my workplace to say thankyou for all their suport - they keep saying they are missing my baking (obviously a hint)- and it will keep me busy. Got a friend’s birthday cake to make as well so as I am feeling good today might as well make the most of it.
Have you got any plans for Easter, if you are up to it. Hope the sun is shining on you too, big hug Estelle x

Hi Estelle,
Glad to hear your feeling a bit better , my hubbys been hogging the computer today so have just come online lol. Hope you managed to get all your bakeing done for your workmates and friend , home made cakes are always so much nicer than the bought ones .
Not sure yet what we are doing for easter , hubby may be working (works at falmouth docks) but if not and the weather is nice we will def do something.How about you any plans?
All my children are grown up now my daughter 27, and son 24, live in lincs, so just me and hubby and my 19yr old son at home but hes at his girlfriends quite a bit lol, so hopefully me and OH will do something nice.
It was lovely and sunny here today but is raining quite heavy tonight ,am enjoying all this sunshine though and realy hope we have a good summer this year, the sun certainly does make you feel better doesnt it.
Ive got a day off tomorrow so proberly just catch up on stuff that needs doing, then back working thurs (im self employed and a carer/homehelp )though only work part time these days.
Hope you had a nice day
You take care
Hugs Lindiloo x

Hi Lindiloo

Had a really lovely day but might have overdone it slightly by cleaning the car out as well. We did have plans - hubbys got grown up kids from previous marriage and some of them were coming down with the grandchildren but have decided they can’t now. Probably for the best as a big kid my self I will knacker myself out and if one of them accidently touches my boob I may say something kids of their age shouldn’t be hearing from Nanny Stell or, as I am usually called, Crazy Nanny. So I suppose it will be just us and we will go walking and such - we are lucky to be close to the see and I love sitting on the rocks watching what people get up to - mind you, have heard the weather isn’t going to be very good so will see.
Up to the hospital tomorrow for pre op assessment - that will be fun - stuck with needles, swabbed for MRSA, prodded and poked - just part of our everyday life at the moment. Hope the next op doesn’t hurt as much as this one - gonna insist on stronger painkillers this time paracetamol just doesn’t do it. Am 5 weeks post op - should it still be hurting - I know everyone is different but I don’t seem to be able to do much without pain - it’s not strong just uncomfortable. Also wondering if I got a different bra - wearing a sports one at the mo but it doesn’t seem to have much support.

Honestly, the things you talk about to people you have never met. But it’s nice to be able to, sun’s still shining, take care, hugs EStelle

Hi Estelle,
Good luck for your pre op assessment tomorrow , know what you mean by all the pokeing and prodding lol drives me nuts even though i know its all for our own good , Did you have morphine for a few hours after your first op? i had one of those button things you push yourself if your in pain to release a dose on the first day, it did help, i know later they just use to give out paracetimol, but do ask for something stronger if they are not helping.
Luckily though i wasnt too bad painwise , id mension it tomorrow if you still have pain 5 weeks on , though it is proberly where the nerves have been cut i expect.
How long will you be in? i went in tues and was out thurs so wasnt too bad i think it depends on the drains well it did in my case,
A bra with good support is best , i didnt wear my usual underwired ones after surgery as told not too but used seamless ones instead to try and aviod any irratation to the wound.
Ha, know what you mean about shareing all your intimate probs with people you have never met , but here everyones in the same boat and it helps to know others also have the same type of worries.
Its another lovely sunny day here too, and like you i also love just sitting on the rocks or walking along the clifftops and watching the rest of the world go by ,Bliss!!
Hope all gos well tomorrow.
Take care
Hugs Lindiloo x

Hiya Lindiloo

I think we all know the feeling of being not in control of our own body. Didn’t have any pain relief after op and no drain basically went in for op around 2 pm and went home later that evening - told to take paractamol and ibuprofen which I did religously every 4 hours but still suffering. Yes, I will definitely mention it as I have never been in pain this long after an op before so it’s a bit unknown to me. Also found I am getting an upset stomache which I presume is cos I am taking painkillers so often - and I bloody hate taking tablets.

Well, the cake went down pretty well, to say it was sticky and sweet was a bit of an understatement but I enjoyed making it. Good job I don’t eat cakes or would be size of house (only size of bungalow at the moment).

My parents are so worried and I don’t know what to say to them - I thought I was doing a great job of being positive but obviously failed at that - but I suppose that’s what parents do, worry - don’t know never been one. Hopefully won’t have to wait too long tomorrow and might meet up with Debs, which would be great. Speak to you soon, take care, hugs Estelle

Hi Estelle,
Hope everything went ok at the hospital today, and hope that they could help with your continued breast pain.
Glad to hear the cakes went down well lol im sure everyone realy appreiciated them .
Know what you mean about takeing tablets i hate it too, pre BC i avoided them at all costs but now with the 5 yrs of Tamoxifen i dont have much choice anymore.
I think it is so hard for parents , my mums the same and has been my rock , shes been to every appointment with me so OH could work i dont know how i would have coped without her, my dad died suddenly sadly a year before i was DX , so the last few years has been so hard for her i worry about her as shes had a lot to cope with and she could have done without the extra worry of me i know. Its so hard for mums and dads.
Hope you didnt have too long to wait today.
You take care
Hugs Lindiloo x

Hi Lindiloo

The traffic was awful - took me nearly 2 hours to get there and after a very long wait just to give blood and tell them nothing had changed since last time, got home about 6.30. They had a look and couldn’t find anything obvious that would cause the pain - just taking a long time to settle.
I wish my Mum was a bit closer - they are in Nottingham - I am sure it would help her if she could see me a bit more often. And they don’t like computers or I would get her one and we could at least email. That’s so sad about your Dad and your mum sounds like a star - you’re lucky to have one like her. I think it’s hard for everyone who is on the outside of this - partners, friends and family - at least we can understand what we are going through - my OH will talk to me about his feelings but he would never come on here and talk - I wish he would. How about your OH?
Be good, hugs Estelle x

Hiya Estelle,
Sorry to hear you had such a long day what with the bloomin traffic and that, i noticed in town today a lot of holiday makers so expect the roads are busier than usual. Its frustrateing isnt it especialy when you get there and they dont do a lot.
My OH wouldnt come on here either, he was brilliant with everything though, from DX through treatment ect and realy looked after me, think dureing that time i finaly realised how much he cared for me after 30 yrs of marrage lol.
He isnt one for researching stuff like me, i seem to want to know everything though sometimes i think ignorance is bliss, where as OH would rather not know too much . I think though it is very hard for anyone even family to understand what its like unless you have been there. for me the emotional stuff was and still is the hardest bit. Thats why this site is a godsend .
I too have been trying to talk my mum into a PC lol still working on it ha! cos she writes so many letters and stuff that she could just email and it costs her a fortune ringing the shopping channel lol bless her.
Chat soon
Love Lindiloo x

Hello Lindyloo

Had a fab day today - first day without pain since op - amazing how spirits are lifted. Got hubby home for Easter which is really nice. Made a lovely shepherds pie for dinner and am going to do this experimental meal tomorrow - 7 hour lamb. Bought a whole leg of lamb half price for £6 and you put in a slow oven for 7 hours and apparently you should be able to carve it with a spoon. While it’s cooking am going to take a train trip to Penzance and might have a Wimpy cos I love them - not too good for you but haven’t had one for years. Gonna try and have a good walk over Easter, try and get myself fit for my op next week. If I have to keep sitting around doing nothing I am gonna be so huge - got a really slow metabolism (that’s my excuse anyway).
I know what you mean about looking stuff up but it can have the opposite effect and worry you needlessly. 30 years should tell you how much he cares- only had 12 with mine but have put him through hell for a while so he must care. He has been so sweet, just found out he has been suffering with headaches for a while bu the wouldn’t tell me cos he said it didn’t matter with what I was going through. But as I told him I like having someone else to take care of - it’s not all about me. Anyway as you can tell having a good day - hope you are too, my friend, take care big hugs Estelle x

Hi Estelle,
Hope your enjoying the sunshine and haveing a nice easter.
Me and OH decided to do a spot of decorateing lol (front room) so been up to our eyes in paint for the last couple of days, it needed doing so glad its done now.
Glad you had a nice day Friday,and hope you enjoyed your Wimpy lol.
I know what you mean about gaining weight , since chemo ive put on about a stone and i cant shift it, i think the Tamox doesnt help as it can cause weight gain too , oh the joys eh, nevermind im trying not to worry about it to much, i was thrown into the menopause with chemo also so that proberly plays a part Grrr .
Hope your OH headaches are getting better , your right, its not just about us its stressfull for our familys too proberly more so .
Well hope your out enjoying the holidays and this lovely weather
You take care
chat soon
Hugs Lindiloo x


Hope you had a nice Easter and didn’t work too hard decorating - I keep looking at my dining room but my OH won’t let me yet. Wasn’t the weather wonderful, especially Sunday. My Wimpy was fab and then on Sunday we went to Sennen Cove and had a walk on the beach, don’t we just live in the best county. Spent most of the today covered in chocolate making a birthday cake - just trying to keep busy and not think about Friday (2nd op). Difficult cos am having trouble sleeping but I think that’s because I’m usually running round like a mad thing and now I am doing a lot less plus have had to stop HRT and I’m not sure if I’m menopausal. Good news is OH headaches have stopped so I don’t have to worry about that and his sense of humour has returned - not sure how I feel about that cos he is a bit of a practical joker. Anyway better go and start his dinner, hope you are doing ok, take care, big hugs Estelle x