Anyone in Dorset?


just wondering if anyone out there is in Dorset? I am due to have a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction on 23rd March at Dorchester as I am relatively new to the area would love to hear from anyone who is close by or has had BC surgery at Dorchester. Sue xx


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Hello Sue

I had mastectomy & immediate recon. in Poole General 2 years ago. All the Ladybird Clinic team were very understanding and supportive. Hope you receive the same care at Dorchester. Very important to do the excercises regularly, and apart from lack of feeling in my back, where they took the tissue, and in the breast itself I don’t really pay it much attention anymore. When you come to the stage of looking for post-mastectomy bras, I can recommend M&S at Castlepoint - maybe ring in advance to book an appointment with a trained fitter. They have some very nice “normal-looking” bras which can help enormously with your self-esteem after surgery. I wouldn’t recommend buying on-line - i think this is one occasion when you need a proper fitting. Best to wait a few weeks after the op. for it all to settle down. Best wishes to you, and hope it all goes well.


Hi there I underwent a lumpectomy in Dorchester I found the breast care team there to be really good from diagnosis in Decemner Christmas Eve to results New Year’s Eve the clinic was superb by now you should be through surgery from March so I hope all went well for you 

I have just undergone 15 days of radiotherapy at Poole hospital and found the team of radiotherapists very good also and very thorough 

I wish you well on your journey 

kind regards Anita