Anyone in East Sussex?

Hi there,


I was wondering if there is anyone currently on here, who is living in East Sussex? I am in Hailsham.

Currently having chemo after a lumpectomy late September and ANC in December.


From Cassy 

Hi CassyB, 

I am sure users who are in your area will be responding soon. 

In the meantime you may want to look at Breast Cancer Care services in you area here.

If you ever need someone to talk to you can call oursupport line at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to offer support and information.

Best wishes, 


Digital Community Assistant 

Hi Cassy I live in Heathfield and have set up a new support group for women with cancer, as I had breast cancer 2014/15 and found there was nothing in the area.  There are 5 in the group at the moment and they’re all lovely women in a range of ages and all at different stages, some have finished a while ago, some are going through treatment now and some like me finished treatment quite recently.  We would love to welcome you to the group.  We meet fortnightly in State  Hall, Station Road, Heathfield TN218LD oppostie Tescos 10-12pm, for coffee and homemade cake and a chat (about anything and everything not always cancer!).  Our next meeting is Tuesday 9th Feb 10am-12pm.  Do come along.  You can contact me on if you need any more info. There is also a Facebook page where I post details of our meet ups its Facing Cancer Together Heathfield.


Best wishes with your chemo and I hope we’ll meet soon 

Pamela xx

Hi Cassy, I’m in Hastings, East Sussex.
Hope your chemo is going ok , I’m currently in recovery from having a mastectomy with axillary clearance… Arm very stiff and painful… Waiting to start chemo which I’m dreading : - (

Hi Cassy, I had my mastectomy 2 weeks ago with the node clearance, they explained that they had to do this as there were 2 lumps with grade 3 cancer cells… Had MRI scan and ultrasound which showed nodes were clear but in the back of my mind and Internet use I know that sometimes they don’t pick up on it if they are there all along, so the worry is off the scale… I have an appointment with miss shah on Monday to discuss the results… They did say all along I will be having 6 rounds of chemo and probably radiotherapy… : -( just seems like such a long difficult journey at the moment… I have heard the chemo is like having the worst hangover ever? First week you feel bad , 2nd prone to infection and 3rd you feel ok ? Hope all is going well for you… May bump into you up at the conquest! Sandi xx

In case anyone is interested, I went to the Hair Barn in Ringmer today, they hold a ‘Pamper Cancer’ day the 2nd Sunday of each month. This is free to people going through cancer. please take a look at their website
Or Facebook page. They were so kind and caring today, I had a head shave, head massage, my nails done and an eyebrow wax. If you would like to go next month, get in touch with them. The date for next month is Sunday 13th March.

Let me know how you get in tomorrow Sandi xx

Hi Julia, hope you are recovering well… Did not sleep last night with the worry and when I did drift off had awful nightmares and woke in a panic… : - ( I’m just so scared about results. Xxx

Hi, I’m in Wadhurst. 42 with two sons, 16 and 12.


Dx in December, lumpectomy in January and I start FEC-T on 25th Feb.


Feeling ok at the moment…like someone else said, I’m getting g lots of comments saying how well I look but that’s because I have not started chemo yet! 


I’ve had my seroma drained twice already and I have some bloody annoying cording running down to my elbow and wrist.


Am blogging as a way of brain dumping !

Hi Cassy-B,
Hope you are well and the chemo isn’t treating you too badly… I went to see Miss (removed due to Tcs and Cs) for the results last week and she got all the cancer out with clear margins, I was so relieved… Out of the nodes, only one showed microscopic cancer cells, so no spread… Would have preferred completely zero node involvement as the cancerous area was large… 3 lumps and dci areas inbetween, but hey the fact she got it all out of me was a relief, relief being an understatement… She also said I’m healing really well and made me feel really positive regarding recon in a years time, after the treatment has finished… She was hundred percent sure il need radiotherapy but wasn’t sure regarding chemo although at the start it seemed that would be a given… Think it would help put my mind at ease to have it just incase knowing I’ve aggressively treated it and done all I can to prevent the b£&@ ard thing coming back again… Got to hear back from Dr (removed due to Ts and Cs) regarding treatment plan but apparently she’s on jury service., hope its not going to be a long case!! : - (
Hugs xx Sandi
Hi Auntylady, just wanted to say good luck with your first lot of chemo on Thursday xx

Hi Cassy


I am in Uckfield.  Had mastectomy in Oct 15, chemo started in Dec, Radio started in June.  Finished all of that now and on tamxofen.  Happy to chat and/or meet.  

Melanie x

Hi vgoodsell,
I am nearing the end of rads at Maidstone, in fact only 3 more to go! I too had mastectomy and lymph node clearance on the left side… And I’m 39… The steroids and not being very active has piled the pounds on, v. Frustrating… And the after effects of chemo have given me achey joints making it harder to exercise… Thinking to give Pilates/yoga a go… I’m pretty sure they do exercise classes for cancer patients at hail sham/and gym opposite conquest, will enquire with my macmillan nurse when rads is over…
Hugs Sandra xx

Thanks Cassy - can’t believe you are back at work full time! I am dibilitated by the hot sweats and my joints ache, especially my hips and get tired so quickly! I will contact the Healthfield group though. X

Hi Everyone,


Jo here from the Services Support Team here, just wanted to make you aware that we hold Moving Forward Courses not far from East Sussex - they are in Worthing, Ashford, Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone. If you would like more information please see link below or call 0345 077 1893. Thanks Jo


Hi ladies,

just want to introduce myself - as I live in East Hoathly - so not far from either Hailsham or Heathfield. 

I was diagnosed in January this year and am now looking forward to my last of 6 x FEC on Thursday.

Then radiotherapy and all will be done, apart from the 10 years of hormone blocking tablets. Mastectomy and slb done and immediate reconstruction, which will be redone, once recovered from active treatment. Unfortunately the size of the tumour did not show up correctly on the MRI, but thankfully nodes clear.

It is great to know that a support group has been started in Heathfield. Sadly the timing of the meetings is not so good for me, as I have to work for my living. :catsad: Does anyone know whether there are any groups in the area, which meet in the evenings? 

Brighton and Worthing are just a little too far to travel - and at a guess the meetings are during working hours, too. 

Sue xx