Anyone in Essex?

Hi there, Just wondered is there anyone out there from Essex/Havering/Brentwood? I was diagnosed with LCIS in 2006. Then was told I have DCIS in March of this year and that Mastectomy is the best option. I was sent for a 2nd opinion to help with the decision making and from that appointment was recommended to have an MRI. I had this done on May 8th and it shows “something” in the Left breast aswell. I had another biopsy last Monday and am returning to the Royal Marsden this afternoon for results. Now I’m wondering how much worse can it get? I’m potentially facing a bilateral Mastectomy now. It would be nice to know that there are others local that I could talk to.


This is my first time on this site,

I don’t know if I can be of help, but I have recovered from a Mastectomy and immediate reconstruction - this was due to DCIS after they carried out the WLE - I have another lump which came v quickly luckily it is benign but unfortunately it is very painful and now I don’t know which side to lie on - lol - I have returned to work part time and am in Essex a couple of days per week, if you want someone to talk to or meet for a coffee with I am happy to help. It seems so daunting at the time, but when the need arises it is amazing what we can cope with when we have to. My advise is ask as many questions as you need to - easier said than done I know - my oncologist and surgeon are very minimalist in their responses, but I have heard great things about the RM so good luck

I live near Chelmsford, so under Broomfield hospital and have a friend locally who has BC too. It is my first dice with BC and have had 2 ops, just started chemo this month, then due to have radio at end of year. It would be great to talk to you and could definitely meet up later when you feel like it. My friend may pick you up on this site too and reply, she is fab and very nice to talk to.
You must be so upset to hear that it is back and it must be much harder to try to think positively this time. They have a plan of action, with a second opinion to hopefully help you feel more confident about your decision and boy you got a great hospital to go to, which will be a bonus. I have just realised that you will have been already, sorry, as I generally post on the chemo part, hence the chemo brain not working too well.
How did you get on? Hope there was something positive to hang on to and it would be lovely to hear back when you can manage.Thinking of you
Lily x