Anyone in Norfolk just diagnosed

Im in Norwich, would be interested to contact anyone in Norfolk with breast cancer.  Just been diagnosed,lump removed this thursday then after healing, treatment plan. Have been given a buddy with Breast Cancer care who is lovely and have great friends but wondered if anyone on here going through this who is local.Live in city,  originally come from Lowestoft, worked in Norwich for years so when my dad died moved here. never regretted it In 60s but always felt years younger, lots of my friends are younger  never smoked, eat healthily took loads exercise , still feel shell shocked. and not feel happening to me, as i still feel so well.  

First name June by way.  

Cheryl - didn’t realise u were so close xx
June - I had bilateral mx two weeks ago and work in norwich been treated at nnuhxx hope all goes well on Thursday - I’m back on 4 feb for oncology meeting but after that am hoping to find my feet a bit more x I’m 45 (“only” the hospital keep saying!) and like you and so many others never smoked fit and healthy before this etc I think the shock does fade x take care and stay in touch x

Blame Cancer brain Cheryl - reread and u are now South cost x ?

Coast ! Crickey ! Must stay off forum today!

Hi June ( I’m sarah btw) - really glad op went well! Hurrah! Take it easy over next week or so - great u have friends who can help. Body has a lot of adrenaline post op aimed at making u well but u might feel able to do more than u should as a result! I had to go home with drain and hated it but liberating when removed x u on facebook?

Hi June,

I may be jumping the gun a bit but i have my biopsy results tomorrow, I live near Sheringham - had 'the chat ’ with a lovely breast care nurse at the N+N after the biopsies so expecting it to be BC.

How long after diagnosis did you have your op?

I know its never good timing but mine is lousy - our daughter is getting married on saturday and my husband going in for stents in 2 weeks time!

Hi Barbie, hope your results were ok ? I’ve been followings the posts for the last couple of days. I have mine on the 18th and am petrified to be honest as they have sort of prepared me for the worst ! Anyway hope yourswemt well

Grade 2 invasive as well … Lumpectomy chemo then radiotherapy … Spread to l nodes and if spread to more than 4 they will body scan me. Have a weak leg from slipped disc in October and worried this is related how ! Feel sad and scared xxx

Ah yes, the waiting is, horrible. You just seem to spend your time waiting for this and waiting for that, call me Mrs Waity I think! I run my own small business and am having trouble organising myself (not normally a problem) and concentrating on anything much. When customers ting up and moan they haven’t had their orders, I feel like screaming ‘I’ve got breast cancer you know’ give me a break’ but it’s not their fault is it. Get my results on Friday so at least that eait will be over, whatever the outcome. Hugs to everyone x

Hi, is anyone living in North Norfolk, i’m starting chemo in 3 weeks after WLE, spread to 1 node so had axillary clearance then hysterectomy 5 days later - would like to meet anyone locally for coffees etc (would be useless on a dating site wouldn’t I !!!)