Anyone in the Morecambe/Lancaster area ???

Blimey! Feel like you lot are really forming a band down there…dont forget we are going to have an official pic-nic sooner or later :wink:
I have been ‘off air’ for a while because I had a really bad relapse with arimidex side-effects, terrible pain in hands/thumb joints. I feel like stopping them because a shorter life without all this pain seems preferable right now. Also work is extremely difficult without thumbs taht work!!
Love to all of you, happy new year too, Zoe xx

Hi all,

Zoe - deffo not forgotten you or the official picnic/coffee or whatever and am looking forward to it ! Sorry you haven’t been well with the Arimidex - I’ve noticed mild pains in my hands & thumb joints but nowhere near that bad. The hot flushes and anxiety attacks that accompany them are worse for me but I really can’t stop taking them - can’t risk the spread getting worse !!! At least I don’t have to go to work at the mo…

Surgeon was lovely yesterday and wanted me to see his reply to HR first. He thinks my employers are being unreasonable with the amount of info they want before they’ll even consider retirement and as they want to know whether I will be unable to work at any time before 60 and doctors only use a 5-10 yr prognosis, he’s told them this and that my chances of surviving 5-10 yrs are only 20-30% and that I have enough to cope with getting ‘this terrible disease at such a young age’ (his words), then the treatment and then the side effects. We hope this will be enough but I’m not at all optimistic - it’s like they don’t believe me and think I am using the cancer to get out.

Anyway, take care everybody (see you at jewellery on Weds, Galen ) ,

Love, Liz xx

Liz you are being very brave; I should be glad I still have a job and can do it (just about). A thousand curse upon your wretched employers!!!
Let us all have our meeting as soon as Spring has sprung and we will cheer up…
love Zoe x

Looking forward to spring asap - today’s turned out quite dull but went for a stroll on the prom and it was bitter.

Hope the dreadful aches and pains have lessened a bit Zoe.

Love, Liz x

Thanks for thinking about me…no they are no better, I really feel like stopping the Arimidex. Cant even open a screw-top anything now, and I have to dispense all the pills tomorrow. Will have to take our nutcrackers with me to work! Thumbs are by far the worst. its amazing how important thumbs are for everything, honestly just pulling the pants up after a wee hurts, try doing it without your thumbs…end of moan, I’m still alive and grateful
love to everyone, Zoe xxx

Result - I’ve been granted retirement !!!

Hope you are all well…

Short post - I’m still shell-shocked…

Liz x