Anyone in the Morecambe/Lancaster area ???

Hi all,

Is there anyone in the Morecambe/Lancaster area out there ?

My brief history - 42 at diagnosis in July 2007. Stage 3, later upgraded to stage 4. Chemo at RLI for 5 months, mx & anc Jan 08, rads ending in March. Surgery found 12/22 lymph nodes effected and bone scan picked up small mets. Used to work but after an unsuccessful attempt to go back in Aug, I’m still off and going back again today to get signed off for another 3 months on consultant’s advice. Physio for lymphodaema once a week to 10 days, Zometa once a month at RLI, Zoladex once a month & Arimidex daily. Get the usual side effects !

No kids but very supportive partner, parents & a few fab close friends.


HI Liz, afraid I may be a bit old for you (56) but always ready to listen to some moans or have a laugh! Diagnosed last July too, I had a grade3 tumour removed and sentinel node biopsy at Airedale hospital; then chemo and radiotherapy( at Preston), now on Arimidex. Had a recent scare with painful ribs, but it turned out to be radiation scarring…that I can live with!
Send a private message if you want, I think we have tokeep personal info out of the public domain.

Best wishes, Zoe x

Ok Liz! Yes my auntie had BC same age as me. Lived to old age though, died of a heart attack. I’ve met loads of older women (since having the cancer) who tell me about their mastectomies years before, and how they have survived without chemo or rads. But then we only meet the survivors! Been working all day and am absolutely whacked…I used to be full of beans 24/7 and find it hadr to come to tems witht this limited energy. Will try to ring you too! MyOH is around most of he time if you ring here and I’m at work. Best wishes, Zoe x

Hi lizcat

I live in lancaster and my oncologist is Dr Eaton at the macmillan unit.
I was diagnosed aged 32 in may 2005 when i was 15 weeks pregnant, three large tumours in right breast, mastectomy, 3/12 lymph nodes affected, grade 3, underwent surgery and chemo, fec while pregnant and three weeks radiotherapy after my son was born. Local recurrance august 2006 to lymph nodes in my neck and clavicle, taxotere then radiotherapy. At present i am doing well, fingers crossed.
How are you doing?
Who is your oncologist?

Best wishes

Hi Tina,

Thank you for your message - apart from Zoe I was beginning to think I was the only one on here !!! You’ve certainly been through it and I’m glad you’re doing well.

Apart from all the rubbish after effects & side effects I’m fine although still off work with no sign of being fit enough to go back. Have plenty of cuckoo moments and good old chemo brain ! My onc is Dr Skailes - she’s lovely. At the time they were sorting my chemo, Dr Eaton was on hols and they wanted me seen asap and thought I’d better see Dr Skailes anyway. After 1st chemo I ended up on the oncology ward & met Dr Eaton then - he seemed really nice as well. I’ve found all the ‘medical’ people absolutely brill - very friendly and down to earth. I’m back at the RLI next Thurs afternoon for a check up with Dr S, then Fri morning a check up with Mr Parmeshwar (surgeon) and Fri lunchtime it’s my Zometa drip at the day treatment - no time to work !!! Oh and physio in Morecambe on Monday - the lympoedema has kinesio taping applied to it and that works a treat but they are keeping an eye on it in case there are any signs of recurrence in that area.

Cheers again for making contact - I don’t feel as isolated now !!

Best wishes,


Hi Zoe,

Don’t know how you manage to work - the fatigue is a killer isn’t it ? A couple of small things a day is more than enough for me !!

Liz x

Anyone else ???

Promise I don’t bite !! Well, perhaps the odd time when I’m too hormonal !!


Hi there

Live just south of Lancaster. Dx April 08 (46 now 47) WLE/SNB 10mm IDC Grade 2, node negative, ER+ PR+ HER2 -. Finished rads Aug, now on Tam and Zoladex - didn’t have chemo as the % increase on overall prognosis was too small when weighed against the side effects. Surgeon Mr Parmeshwar, Onc was Dr Birtle and had one appt with Dr Eaton (discharged from Oncs in Oct). See surgeon again in Feb. Been to physio @ RLI this morning - developed some cording down arm to elbow.

Started back at work in October on a phased return after 6 months off but part-time only now. Work in Med Recs at RLI so job is physical lifting patient’s notes so looks like the job has aggravated the cording so been advised to pace myself now and do the exercises/massage! Most days I’m OK at work, just need to put my feet up when I get home but week before last felt as though I’d hit a brick wall by mid morning - could hardly put one foot in front of the other, just so tired but, in the scheme of things, consider myself lucky.

Best wishes

HI Tina and Claire, glad you are around too!! Liz and I spoke over the weekend, and we hope to get together in the new year. We live in Morecambe and Ingleton, so how about a picnic on the beach and a walk in the Waterfall walk? Meanwhile, keep in touch. Srry if I dont answer frrequently, I work full time and get extremely knackered! Also lose the ‘threads’. Best thing is to do a search for your name in ‘comments’ radio button and tehn you get all your most recent input as a list
Zoe xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi all,

Good to hear from you (and to speak to you yesterday Zoe) - don’t feel as isolated now !!

Claire - hope it wasn’t my records that gave you the bad arm ! As I’ve said above, I’m back to see the consultants on Thurs & Fri this week so watch out for my stuff and bypass it. Hope you’ve found the physios ok - the ones at Morecambe are great, really supportive and knowledgeable, and as I have to go weekly, it’s more like a social occasion (sad, aren’t I ??)

Wishing everyone a good Xmas and better 2009 and hope to keep in touch.

Liz xxxx

hi everybody
Another lancaster recruit !! Im 38 was diagnosed in June 2007 grade 3 Her 2+ , had 8 chemo, wle, and radiotherapy was on herceptin but had to stop after 12 out of 18 as it has started to cause heart problems, i also work at RLI on the maternity unit as a ward clerk but i am off sick again !! until they get my heart problems sorted, claire what a coincidence i worked in medical records years ago, i am under Dr eaton and my surgeon was the extremely dapper Mr Peel, Liz i wonder if we ever met at the chemo suite i was diagnosed at a similar time to you, i mean this in the nicest possible way but it is so comforting to me to read this thread and know i have neighours on this fantastic site too
love galen x

Hi Galen,

Welcome to our merry little band ! I deliberated a lot about posting this thread to see if was anyone else locally - knowing there must be seeing how busy the clinics are - thinking what if no-one replied !!

It’s possible we met at the chemo but I don’t think so as (with the best will in the world) the other people seemed to be quite a lot older or men ! But we may have passed somewhere in a hospital corridor…I’ve got check ups this thurs afternoon and then another on Fri morning followed by a trip to oncology for a monthly drip - doesn’t take too long as long as they find one of those elusive veins and last time I got tea & chocolate cake and am promised tea & mince pies this week !!

If anyone fancies meeting for a brew in the new year, private message with details and I’m sure we can fix something up - Zoe and I are definitely going to do something like a gentle stroll…

Love Liz x

Hi Galen

Yes, what a coincidence! You’ll be pleased to know it’s not changed over the years . . . . still manic at times!!! Hope the medics get your heart problems sorted soon but don’t rush back to work - the dreaded lurgy is doing the rounds in depts and everyone’s going down like flies . . . Ive had a flu jab this year and so far (touch wood) I’ve not caught it. Knocks normally healthy people for six.

Hi Liz

Will def pm you about meeting up for a brew and a stroll - will be good to meet up with other Lancastrians!!

Bye for now

Claire x

Hi all,

One appointment down today - check up at oncology, go back in 3 months. Calcium levels and whatever else they blood tested for were absolutely fine so I suppose all the hot flushes, panic attacks, fatigue and feeling like I’m about 80 with aches & pains from the Arimidex, Zoladex & Zometa are worth it !! Told them I didn’t want to moan about side effects but they said it was what I should do so that was ok. Nipped in to work to say hello first as there was a meeting on & I hadn’t seen some folk for 18 months - it was overwhelming and I was so grateful to have the excuse of hospital appt. They were all lovely and wanted me to stay but I couldn’t cope with a room of about 15 people. I sort of felt I was there but wasn’t and was looking through a window - wierd sensation, anyone else had it ??

Galen & I met by chance at a jewellery class at Cancercare the other night - my first night and I made something !!! It’s supposed to be a ring but may end up on a chain…artistic licence. Let me tell you others, Galen is rather good at it and I was very impressed and may catch up one day !

Next check up tomorrow (Fri) morning so see what they come up with !!! Hope I’ll post another 3 month, or 6 month, check up tomorrow…

Happy Xmas & New Year everyone,

Liz x

Hi Liz

Glad yesterday’s appt went well and hopefully gave you some reassurance about the feelings/fatigue you’re getting. Can so relate to the feelings you’re getting - at times feel like saying enough’s enough and let me get back to ‘normal’ - fed up already of feeling like this but you keep taking the tabs and having the jabs. By all means have a moan to us all about the side effects - where else can you do that and know you’re understood? C**p at times isn’t it?

Yes, can also relate to your weird sensation about being in work. It’s good to know you have colleagues wishing you well and wanting to know how you’re getting on but it’s really hard talking about yourself so you end up talking almost dispassionately about ‘someone else’ adding to that sense of ‘not being there’. Everyone and everything seems the same but different somehow.

Daft things have unsettled me since going back to work in October - opening my email account for the first time since diagnosis and seeing the date of my last email (diagnosis day), tea bags/coffee in my drawer which have been there since I went off sick - everything seems to have been put on hold and I’m trying to pick up where I left off. I could go on, but it’s these seemingly trivial things which have hit me hardest 8 months down the line. I’ve done more crying in the last couple of weeks than I’ve done since diagnosis!

I think what I’m trying to say is that strange sensations and feelings will catch you when you least expect it - things that others think shouldn’t bother you but they will, and it’s because we’ve changed, not only physically but emotionally as well. Our outlook on life is different now, our priorities have changed and I think the further down the line we go with this disease the more our feelings will change and evolve - the trick, I think, will be to know these feelings will happen, to acknowledge them when they appear and to know we can come on this site and talk about them.

Hope today’s appt went as well as yesterday’s.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Claire xx

PS Not thought about joining any classes at Cancercare - do you know where I can get any info?

Hi Claire ( and everyone else !) ,

Today’s appointment went ok as well - back in 6 months and keep taking the pills !! Couple of false starts with the Zometa drip with the inevitably poor veins but got there in the end.

It’s good to know you understand about the work stuff and you’re absolutely spot on about the same but different thing (and everything else)

You can refer yourself to Cancercare or contact one of the bcns at Lancaster & they’ll refer you - Carol referred me for some practical therapy rather than counselling ( been there a few months ago with 2 different counsellors and just not for me). Went to see someone at Cancercare to explain everything and to see what I fancied and sorted from there. I think quite a lot of things have waiting lists - come and join the jewellery class !!

Liz x

hi liz & claire
It was lovely meeting you at the class on wed, i hope you enjoyed it, the ladies there are so lovely , you didnt meet sheila the other night she is so funny ! i also had aromatherapy at cancercare it was fantastic it really helped me through my chemo, glad you ok , i think this time of year is particularly emotional and i found it daunting going in to work and seeing everybody but it does get easier just be kind to yourself and put youself first
Have a lovely christmas
love galen x


Just heard from my manager that HR need more info from consultants about whether I would be able to work again and if so whether partial or full-time and also what my prognosis is (cr*p - I could tell them !!) . Apparently the info the docs have given in response to the original letters doesn’t make a good enough case to pass to pension trustees - aaaaarrrrggghhhhh !!! I’m SO annoyed as this is 10 weeks down the line and even allowing for speedy responses from the hospital, it won’t go before the pension bods til Feb at the earliest…

AND I’ve just been to get my repeat prescription for Arimidex and the GP (1 I’ve come across once before and wasn’t impressed then ) answered his mobile phone while I was in, put it back in his pocket, then got a text and read that and finally asked me what my job was and when I said mortgage adviser said ‘well they won’t need you now anyway’ !!! Not impressed. Last time (when I was on tamoxifen before I got switched) he wouldn’t give me Nolvadex-D on the grounds of cost and insisted on prescribing the generic one even though the bcn had told me to get the branded one as it had less side effects and there’s only 2 quid a month difference and I pay anyway.

Rant over x

Oh Liz, so sorry you’ve been handed this difficulty re your pension as well as coping with this sh1tty disease. Could you enlist the help of your Practice Nurse/Breast Care Nurse about fighting your corner?

With regard to the comment about your job - rise above it. What a plonker! What does he know and where did he learn his bedside manner!!!

Just a thought about getting your prescription for Armidex - the chemist I use at Bowerham is fantastic - Singh & Donaldson on the main road by the mini roundabout. The Pharmacist, Trevor, is so helpful and I’m sure he would get the branded version for you. Failing that, the Pharmacist in Asda has been helpful too.

Take care everyone

Claire xx

Hi all local girls (and anyone else reading this) !

Wishing you all a better 2009 - may it be calmer and less stressful all round !

I’ve been summoned to see the surgeon first thing Fri morning to discuss my medical report (assume it’s the one HR want in connection with my retirement case which wasn’t initially a strong enough case according to them…) but fingers crossed & at least he’s on the ball and helping me !!

Take care one & all,

Liz xx