Anyone in the Nottinghamshire area?

I am in North Notts near Mansfield, Southwell and Newark, and wondered if there are others who might like to form a sisterhood with lots of empathy and understanding included. Talking to doctors and nurses is one thing, but only when you are the one struck with this disease can you really know the fears and emotions that are a constant. I know this is a club no one wants to join, but this forum certainly has that feel, with all the help, advice and support.
My name is Susann, I am under Kings Mill hospital and due to start chemo any time soon.

Hi Susann

It may be worth calling our helpline as they have details of support groups around the country and may know of one near you, if not they can offer advice about how to go about setting one up

Lines are open 0808 800 6000, weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2

Take care


Hi Pheonix Woman

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Dear Moderator
I replied today to a previous post from Susann and realise now that I should not have added my email address.
Is it possible to withdraw that information.
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