Anyone in the Watford/St. Albans/Berkhampstead area!?


I am 35 and was diagnosed with this 1st July. 16mm tumor, clear margins and no lymph involvement, but grade 3.
It really is a horrible disease, like everyone here, i was quite happy getting on with my nice life and this happened. It really does make you mad!
I wondered if there were any people around these areas who fancied meeting up for a good moan/chat/laugh/drink!

Trumpet1 x

Hi Trumpet

I’m not in any of those areas but only a couple of miles away as am also in Hertfordshire. Just thought I’d say hi as can see you haven’t had any replies so far. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I actually finished all of my treatment having been diagnosed over 2 years ago now. I had the full works of chemo, operation, rads and a year of herceptin which finished in Nov 08. I am happy to chat/moan/laugh/drink etc.