anyone in wales?

Hi all

Just wondering - anyone with a diagnosis live in wales? I’m in Ceredigion and just curious if I have any ‘neighbours’?

(sorry - to my shame i dont speak welsh yet)

Hi Ruth

I am in Shrewsbury, not far from Wales.

Madeline x

hi ruth,

i’m in south wales. not many of us using the site!
having treatment spread over most of south wales at the mo. How are things your end of the country?

x x x lynwyn


Im also in Shrewsbury - where are u having your treatment Madeline

Hi Roulette

I am having rads at the Cobalt Unit at the moment. I was diagnosed in Shrewsbury and operated on in PRH. I have Mr Usman. Where do you go and who do you have?


Hi all,
I am in Conwy, North Wales, having my treatment in Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor

Hi ladies from Wales

on this site will tell you about Breast Cancer Care services and events in Wales coming up soon.

I hope this is of help

Best wishes



Hi Ruth

I live near Fishguard in Pembs, I don’t know of anyone near me either. I was diagnosed in August and had mastectomy in Sept. Good to hear from others in Wales.

Best Wishes


I live in cardiff, but am originally from Cardigan, Ceredigion, I still go back quite often to see my family. Don’t really come on here as much as I am just over year post DX, but spotted the wales and thought I’d reply.

Hi Ruth,

I live in Blaenau Gwent and was diagnosed with inflammatory bc Sept 2005. Three weeks later found to have bone mets but luckily no further spread (keeping fingers crossed)! Oncologist very pleased with me and hope it stays that way for a good time yet. Feel really good most of the time, apart from side effects of zometa and arimidex but nothing too drastic and at the moment it doesn’t really stop me doing what I want.

Denio x


I was diagnosed at PRH and operated there too - had Mr Hinton - now starting chemo followed by rads at Cobalt - first FEC of 3 on 13 December, with 3 Taxotere to follow. Have had long delay waiting for chemo as wound had bad infection - anyone else had this experience

Janet x-


Sorry to hear that you had bad infection, when were you diagnosed? Have you had a mascetomy or WLE? I had WLE and no chemo. I hope all goes well with our chemo and you will be on the last leg by then.

madeline x


SO many of us in Wales.I had given up getting any replies! I have been getting treated at Prince Philips with mr Holt. I had WLE and axillary clearance 4 weeks after a lumpectomy and then 6 weeks ago had a mastectomy. I am 35. I start chemo next Fri in carmarthen as it is much nearer for me than singleton in Swansea. Just my luck though, the third session is due just when i had signed up for a Younger WOmens Forum in Cardiff in Jan. ANd I was quite looking forward to the hotel and the seminars! Oh well… Thanks for letting me know there are others out there who use the forums in wales. Good luck with all your treatments and recoveries


Hi all,

Born and raised in Wales - Monmouthshire. Often visit the area.

A school friend with BC lives there (not a user of the site) and is being treated at Velindre.

I wish you all good luck and good health.

Margaret x