Anyone know about platelet counts???

I cannot believe how insensitive my GP practise is. Had a blood test a few days ago, today i get a letter saying it needs repeating in a month no explanation nothing. Just a blood form with plts 145 and an arrow going down. I assume its low platelets count.
I bruise so easily which i know is a sign of this.
Gone on the net and now reading about leukaemia etc and in a right state.
Phoned GP and its been engaged for an hour.

Anyone else had low platelets? Its over 2 yrs since finished chemo so shouldnt be that, can tamoxifen cause it?


Hi Liverbird

My platelet counts have been between 160 and 140 since my chemo 2 1/2 years ago.

My gp and my onc both tell me not to worry, bacause this is regarded as normal when you have had chemo within the latest 5 years.

I choose to trust them.

Do you know anything about a blood teas called S ALP?

best wishes,

Liverbird - 145 isn’t that low! When you read the internet (maybe you shouldn’t) don’t look for the worst scenario. Perhaps it would be better when you have these anxieties to call the nurse on this site. There is such a danger in self-diagnosis on the internet. I think some of us cause ourselves such unnecessary anxiety when we start researching stuff. Cancerbackup has a good page on platelets where it will tell you that 150-400 is norm and a bit less won’t harm you at all. It has to be way below 145 to ring alarm bells. My last bt was 149 on platelets. This is the site if you want to read it:


Hi liverbird

During chemo I’ve noticed that the three times I’ve had low platelets I’ve been on antibiotics beforehand (penicilin), but thought nothing of it. Then I saw a long list of medication that cause low platelets, including penicillin, Tamoxifen, painkillers, antihistamines, antidepressants etc. Perhaps it’s a combination of drugs that are contributing…

145 is not far off the normal range which I thinkm must be c150 as my 152 readings are normal and 135 is below normal. So it’s good that yur GP’s monitoring it. It would just be nice to be told why and spare you scouring the web for an answer.


Thanks for those sites, your all so helpful. Why couldnt the Gp have just phoned or included a simple letter to explain what you have done. I know i am a real panicker.I had no idea what norms were in a platelet count so it isnt that low at all.

Ta again