Anyone know about Taxotere?

Hi all, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctor’s are of the opinion that I will survive this, and I will be fine soon. This has shattered my life, and now I feel like I am a burden to my family. From the time I got to know that I am a cancer patient, I am doing all kinds of research to know more about my disease, and its treatments and everything. I know the fact that there will be hair loss due to the chemotherapy sessions. And it will grow back in some time. But, then I saw this article, and I am literally shocked, It is said that women are likely to have permanent hair loss as a result of taking the breast cancer chemotherapy drug Taxotere. Although hair loss is a common temporary side effect of chemotherapy, permanent alopecia is not, and this is particularly harmful to women. If a man goes bald, it is not necessarily a big deal. But if you are a 35 year old woman who has stage I breast cancer and take Taxotere and then go bald for life, that is a big deal. Does anyone know about this? This is really bad, and what could be a solution for this?

Hi Linda. Sorry you find yourself here but you will find great support from a wonderful community. I had my last Tax just over a year ago. My hair came back fine and is probably in better condition now than before chemo. While I realise not everyone is so lucky I am sure it is only a small minority who have this lasting problem. I think worth keeping in mind that the link you post is a legal company trying to attract business so they are going to use sensationalist wording which is frightening. Keep away from Google and use the helpline on this site for good advice. Take care. Xx

Hi Linda   I had three FEC and three Taxotere as part of my chemo regime.   I lost my hair during FEC and to be honest it actually starting to grow back when I was on Tax.  I think there are a lot of scaremongering stories out there and its best not to ‘google’    Breast Cancer Care have a ‘someone like me’ service where you can talk to someone who has been through treatment and they will match you up to someone who has a similiar diagnosis and age - you will then get to actually talk to someone who has experienced hair loss first hand.   I am aware that in 99% of cases hair grows back (like mine did).   Taxotere is a very strong drug and there are some side effects - I suffered more with my nails which split and turned black!  but now I have my lovely thick bouncy hair back and my nails are fine -  Good luck with your treatment.