Anyone know where to get an Alert card/bracelet

Hi All

I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to get an Alert card for my purse & a silicome bracelet. I have seen a few people with them but cant find any

Any one know ??



Hi Tippy

The Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) have been selling armbands which are similar to identity bracelets worn when in hospital. A pack of these are quite reasonably priced and if you contact them I am sure you would be able to order some.

Contact details for the LSN are:

Tel: 020 7351 0990
or : 020 7351 4480

Or write to:-
Lymphoedema Support Network
St. Lukes Crypt
Sydney Street

As a member of the LSN, I have been issued with a card (the same size as a credit card) saying that I have the condition and to leave the affected limb(s) alone. A similar one stating that you are at risk of it and that the same precautions should be applied would be a good idea although I’ve found that although bcns and lymphoedema nurses are well aware of the dangers, other health professionals are not nearly so well-informed and in the past have attempted to convince me that anything they did with that arm would be perfectly safe.

It’s a worry, I admit - all the time we are conscious we can stand our ground and make sure they use the other arm, or a leg, or even the neck or groin, depending on the procedure, but if we’re having a general anaesthetic we’re incredibly vulnerable.

I also have another card, produced by Medi UK Ltd (compression garment manufacturers). It gives similar instructions to the LSN card, but also states what antibiotics should be given, in what dose and for how long in the event of infection in the ‘at-risk’ limb, which is useful additional info’.

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Hi Tippy,

I was given an alert card for my purse by my Lymphoedema nurse-its ok but only states that i have it in my right arm when i also have trunkal lymphoedema-i had to just write this on it!

I think i’ll look into getting a wristband though - they sound like a good idea - better to be prepared so they say!

Love to all

Tracy xxx

Hi girls

I couldn’t believe it when the chemo nurse wanted to take my blood pressure on my bad arm - I have a PICC line in my good one so she can’t use that. It was only when I said that it was still sore that she desisted! Think I need a wristband to waer to chemo!!



Hi all - hope the moderator will let me post this link to NHS Direct. It’s a list of useful tips for avoiding lymphoedema and may be worth printing out and taking with you when having procedures done which could threaten an ‘at risk’ arm as extra back up to, or instead o - if you can’t get one soon enough, a lymphoedema tag/bracelet.§ionId=9




I have just read the threads about alert cards and bracelets. Is there a website where you can order them on line?


Hi Kirsty

The following link will take you to the Lymphoedema Support Network website where you can order a medical alert bracelet:

Best wishes


Thanks for the link

Kirsty x

I bought a medi-alert bracelet from a site on the internet to warn that my right arm is at risk of lymhodema - they a little bit pricey (as in up to £90) but I got a nice one for £27. It jsut looks like a normal braclet if I wear the medical tag on the inside of my wrist.

Hi lilacblushes

Could you give me the link to the site where you found your bracelet please.


Hi all - this is a link to the American ‘sister’ site to this one; this particular thread contains several links for lymphoedema/alert cards and jewellry:



There is an Australian website called

which sells silicone bands - I ordered one and have now worn it for about a year. It has really been very useful.


Hi Ruby

I had a look at the site earlier - the bands look good.

Did you get a customised lymphoedema one or an ‘off the shelf’ axillary surgery?



Bump for you, lolly



Hi Bahons
I didn’t get it customised as don’t think there was an option to but I could have done with a smaller size as have small wrist and hand. I ordered a few by the way as worked out more cost effective plus if I lose it then still have another.

Ruby x