Anyone know?

I went for my u/s today and they performed a core biopsy there and then (3 samples) apart from concerned expressions the sonographer & assistant didn’t give anything else away. I have an irregular non painful lump (def not a cyst was about all they gave me info wise) which has a hardened vein coming from it. She said vein because it’s to close to the surface to be a duct apparently? The vein (I’m saying that’s what it is because that’s what she thought it was) has little to no blood supply running through it & I also have an outward indentation. My question is does anyone know how/why they chose to do core biopsies. She said the lump is indeterminate what does that mean. I prodded a little for answers but I got nothing (although she was lovely) and my follow up appointment which should have been on the 30th she said was too far away and I’ll get a letter in the next day or so with an appointment for next week. I’m so confused?!?!?!?!? Thanks for reading & thanks in advance for your replies x x

Hi. I’m in the same boat as you. I has an u/s, mammogram and core biopsy on friday and im waiting for results. All the information you are given just swims round in your head till it sort of makes no sense anymore. I know I have been confused and I rang and spoke to someone here who was able to put my mind at rest and explain a bit mire detail to me. Its a horrible time and friday can’t come quick enough because the wait is the worst part. Good luck x



It must be a worrying time for you both.


I think the reason for doing the biopsies is when they cannot be certain there is nothing from only the mammogram and ultrasound. It does not necessarily mean there is cancer just that they need more detailed information before they can say one way or the other.


It is good that they are being thorough but of course very hard on you to have more waiting to go through.


Different hospitals organise the appointments in different ways. At mine you were always told to go back to reception on the way out to make the next appointment at whatever interval you were told.


Take care.



Thanks everyone. Still no appointment through yet. But I have a poorly child to take my mind off of me at the mo. I Feel quite uncomfortable today but I did go to work & maybe I shouldn’t have. I thought it would be better to keep busy x x