Anyone live near to me

Hi all, Im 39 and live in Huddersfield West Yorkshire, I was wondering if there was anyone on here who would fancy chatting. I feel a little on my own, I don’t know anyone of my age who has or is going through this. I was first diagnose in April 2009, I have had a lumpectomy chemo mastectomy radiotherapy then in July this year it came back and I had to have further surgery. I am told they got it all but I am believe that a cancer as aggressive as this wont just disappear. I would be nice to be able to talk with people who know how I feel.

Hi Youngwidow

I live in Halifax and would love to chat/meet up with you. Apart from one lady at work and the ladies on this forum I don’t know of anyone else who has breast cancer and I don’t meet up with anyone who is going through this horrible thing. I have had my chemo treatment at home so haven’t met any ladies at the hospital either. I have finished my chemo now, currently have rads at St James, Leeds, 2 done 18 to go!. I am 40 years old and have two children, 13 and 10.

Really sorry to hear you have had a reaccurance (my lump was a grade 3 and do worry about it coming back), if you want to chat or meet up, send me a private a message and we can arrange.

Take care. Amanda xx


I’m 36 and live in saddleworth so am just over the hills from you! There are a few ladies in and around Oldham who are trying to meetnext week. Look at the embarking on sn adventure thread as trying to sort it out on there. Would be lovely to meet you.


Ps. I was dx in march withgrade 3 ductal, just finished Chemo and rads, and I have twolittle boys aged 5and 3.

Hi im n the oldham area and would love to meet up with people in my area

Hi , that would be lovely lucyloo. Trying for Friday.I have sent u a pm.

Hi Vickie

What time are you meeting up on Friday? I am having my rads at the mo until 24th Nov which are smack bang in the middle of the day, I may have to meet up with you ladies the next time you meet up.

Amanda xx