Anyone not had chemo but instead only hormone therapy

Hi Everyone,


This is my first ever post on any forum so here goes!  I was diagnosed in 2014 with Grade 3 ER positive, HER2 negative bilateral breast cancer.  I had a double mastectomy and axillary node clearance on left after which it was confirmed cancer had spread to my bones.   Was advised best way to treat was by hormone therapy and then on progression by chemo.  I remained stable on Letrozole, Zoladex aand Denosamub until November 2017.  CT scan then showed small metasteses in my liver.  Now on Examestane, Zoladex and Denosamub and awaiting CT results on 16 January.  If has not worked then I will need chemo.  Although I know lots of people who have BC I do not know of anyone like me.  My question is therefore is there anyone out there who has been on the same path as me.  I would be grateful for any response and apologies if it took a while to get to my question :slight_smile:

Hello Lozzer. My history is similar.  I was diagnosed in 2012 and after right Mx they found cancer in the other breast and bones, also shadows in peritoneal area.  I then had bilateral Mx (I was going to have reconstruction but decided against it). I went onto Letrozole and zometa, I had passed mesopause so no zoladex.  They said that they would save chemo for somewhere down the line should it prove necessary.


I remained stable on Letrozole for almost five years but then a rise in TMs and a scan which showed ‘something’ in my lower abdomen caused them to start me on Examastane and Everolimus.  I started this about 6 weeks ago.  The everolimus is an oral chemo.  The onc did tell me that examastane is also a hormone blocker like letrozole but also blocks another feature of hormones, I can’t be more specific than that because I didn’t really understand what she was explaining, even though she drew me a little diagram.  I knew that I would go ahead with whatever they suggested.


if I can help in any way just ask.  I do believe that the path you are on is quite common for ER + 



Thank you Lynnq for replying. Glad to find someone the same. After recent change I did go for a second opinion as since diagnosed have seen 7 different oncologists and just wanted to make sure I had received correct treatment. Was reassured I had. The only difference they mentioned was adding Everilomus but told side effects cud be severe so decided not to take this.